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Some Canon printers have Wi-Fi in place to connect my canon printer to Wi-Fi, enabling a printer to connect to any Wi-Fi device. The printer promotes mobile press facilities like Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and Mopria Print. The guidelines for establishing a Wi-Fi connection are provided below.

Set up a Canon Wi-Fi printer

  1. Enable energy supplies to the printer via the power cable by linking them to a energy source.
  2. Power your Canon printer and wait for the warm-up to finish.
  3. Find and click the Wi-Fi button on the control panel.
  4. Insert the Setup disk into the hard drive of the computer.
  5. Download the recent driver by clicking on the link below to download.
  6. Choose the sort of Wireless connection when you receive an installer prompt.
  7. Complete the configuration by using the installer prompts.
  8. To check your link, print a document from your laptop.

Descriptive instructions for setting up a Canon printer Wi-Fi connection

The WPS technique is the simplest way to connect a wireless printer. Make sure that your router has a WPS pushbutton. Power up your printer and hold the Wi-Fi button on the panel until you see the flashes of alarm light, which helps you connect my canon printer to wireless Internet.

  • When the light flashes blue next to Wi-Fi, go to your router and click the WPS button within 2 minutes. The Wi-Fi lamp flashes continuously as the printer searches the network. The Power and Wi-Fi lamp starts to blink when the printer connects to the router.
  • When the printer connects to the network, the lights stop blinking. Connect your laptop to the same internet and attempt to print a document to check your printer-computer link. The steps below are for the normal connection technique and let you understand how to wirelessly link my canon printer.
  • Insert the supplied installation CD in your desktop together with the printer. Download the driver from our site if you don’t have the CD. Run the setup files and follow the installer screen instructions. When you get a prompt for a link type, select Wireless. Wireless.
  • Return to the printer and ensure it’s prepared. Go to the installer and click Next on the’ Connection Prepare’ screen. The next stage is the network connection of the printer. Choose Connect to the network tab and choose the Cablesless Configuration on the next open screen.
  • When the cable-free connection opens, hold down the Wi-Fi button on the printer. Do not release the button until the orange lamp is twice blinking. Make sure that the Wi-Fi lamp blinks and that the energy lamp is strong. Click Next.
  • Select your area and the kind of software you want to install. Accept the license agreement to finish the installation. The wireless link printer configuration is complete. Try to print a document to verify that the link is effective and how my canon printer can be connected to the wifi.
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