How To Connect Canon MG2900 Printer To Wifi

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Configure Wireless Setup Connection for Canon MG2900 Printer

For how to connect Canon mg2900 to wifi, you can print wirelessly. Perform the wireless configuration process by referring to the steps in the user handbook. Otherwise, you can refer to the instructions below that do the same.

Simple Steps To Connect The Canon MG2900 Printer To WiFi

  1. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer, change connection mode.
  2. Press and hold onto the printer the Wi-Fi button until the alarm lights blink.
  3. Depending on the amount of flashes the link mode will alter.
  4. After the light burns the third time, you must unlock the Wi-Fi button.
  5. Search the SSID, and write down the network key.
  6. Hold on the printer the Wi-Fi and the Alarm button until the Wi-Fi button is complete to communicate with WPS.
  7. Within two minutes, the Wi-Fi and ON lamp flashes.
  8. This confirms the completion of the Wi-Fi installation.

Detailed Process Of Connecting The Canon MG2900 Printer To WiFi

Connecting the Canon mg2900 to your Wi-Fi network can wirelessly scan and copy files using canon mg2900 Printer wireless connection manual. Check if the printer is configured for first use. The ink cartridges must be properly installed and the paper loaded into the input tray. Download on your computer the latest version of the printer driver. Install it by following the instructions on the screen.

The establishment of a Wi-Fi connection involves two methods. One is through standard WPS and the other standard. Perform WPS by pressing the Wi-Fi button on the printer for a long period of time. Now, wait until the lamp flashes. The printer must be held near the router. In two minutes, press the WPS button and the blue Wi-Fi lamp starts flashing. Confirm the following network settings.

Turn on the Canon mg 2900 printer, load a sheet of A4 or letter-size plain paper and press and hold the Cancelation and Resume buttons at the same time. Release the button once 15 flashes of alarm lamps. The information page of the network is now printed. This concludes the WPS configuration process. If the driver’s disk has been outdated or unavailable, visit the manufacturer’s website for the same and follow the manual to connect the mg2900 canon to the wifi printer.

If you don’t have an active internet connection, you can connect the printer and computer. Use Canon Wireless Direct. You need to close your printer and computer to each other in order to use this feature. Change the LAN configuration of the printer, click and hold the Wi-Fi button and release the device as soon as the Wi-Fi lamp flashes. Press the Black button to flash the ON lamp and on the Wi-Fi lamp. To finish the range, press the Color or Black button.

You must alter the settings of the printer to use the wireless LAN. Make sure that the printer is on and hold down the Wi-Fi button and release when the lamp blows. This ensures the user manual to link canon mg2900 printer to the wifi has altered the settings of the printer.

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