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  • Fix My Printer  >> All Queries  >> Printer Connected Or Not See If The Printer Is Connected To see if the printer is connected to the network, try to print a network configuration page and check the network Connectivity. Ensure that you had placed your router closer to the printer. Check and confirm that the […]

  • Fix My Printer  >> All Queries  >> Test Printer Connection How To Test My Printer Connection To test my printer connection and check your printer network connection, print the wireless network test report. Check and ensure that you are not connected to any private network. Check if the router is turned on. Ensure that your […]

  • Reset and Clear Printer Memory Clear Printer Memory Issues with the printer memory are one reason for several recurring issues such as a stuck printing or non-response. These issues can happen even when the hardware of the printer is intact and functioning normally. The printer can stop printing altogether if the memory of the spooler […]

  • Check My Printer Connection Check my printer connection by test printing a document from the computer. If the printer prints the document, it means the printer is connected to the computer, and you can proceed with the rest of the operations. How to connect my computer to a wireless network?   Turn on the computer […]

  • What Printer Is Connected To This PC The printer setup involves the formation of a connection between the printer and computer and basic hardware set up. You can connect the printer to any Wi-Fi-enabled device such as a laptop, computer or a mobile, using the Wireless Direct feature and know What Printer Is Connected To […]

  • Is my printer is connected? To check Is my printer connected, you need to print the Wireless Network Test report. After printing the report, check if the printer is connected to the network. Instructions to print the Wireless Network Test report are provided below. Steps to print wireless network test report   Press the Wireless […]

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