Is my printer is connected?

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 Is there a connection to my printer?

You must print the wireless test report to check that my printer is connected. Check whether the printer connects to the network after printing the report. Following are instructions for printing the test report on the wireless network.

  • Please press on the wireless button of your printer to see whether you have access directly to the report to print.
  • For more detailed instructions, please refer to the printer manual.
  • In the diagnostic results area of’ connectivity’ check that Connected is indicated as PASS.
  • If Connected is not specified as PASS your HP printer is not connected to the network.
  • Check whether the wireless router is enabled. See also whether the router works correctly.
  • Try connecting the printer back to the network.
  • In the current configuration zone, check if the network name matches your network name. Current configuration area.
  • If it’s not connected or if my printer is connected, use the following instructions to connect a printer to the network.

The detailed procedure for reconnection of the wireless printer

Utilize these instructions to see if a printer is connected to the network. If you are unsure whether your printer is connected or not. Go to the printer control panel and try to print the test report on the Wireless Network. Check to ensure direct access to this report by pressing the Wireless button.

Refer to the printer’s manual if you wish detailed instructions. You have to check the following things when the Wireless Network Test report has been printed. Locate the’ Connectivity’ area of the diagnostic results of the test report and check whether Connected is shown as PASS.

It means that a printer is not connected to a network if it is not indicated as a PASS. Please ensure the wireless router has been switched on and that it works correctly. See if any messages can be found at the top of the report.

If yes, the page instructions will be followed. In the Test Report, search the currently configured field and verify if your network name is identical to the network name (SSID). Try this again if the printer is not connected to the network.

You are encouraged to choose the connection mode during installation in the printer. Select USB, Ethernet, and Wireless and continue to use the on-screen prompts. To connect the printer to a wireless network, you can use HP Wireless Direct and Wi-Fi Direct.

See, if the cable is connected to a printing network port, and to the available port of the router if you have a wired network connection. Make sure that the light is constant in the green link. Make sure that the light blinks with the orange activity.

Open the Wireless Network or the Settings Menu on the printer if it’s a wireless network connection. Check then if you are activating the wireless signal. Confirm the light on and constant of Wireless Icon. It will then mean that the primer is connected to the wireless network if all of the above are met and will clarify your request to my imprimer.

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