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123 HP Laserjet p2055dn duplex printing

Duplex printing is made by configuring print settings on both sides of the paper for laserjet hp p2055dn printer. This printer automatically prints one single sheet of paper without the need for manual feeding on HP Laserjet p2055dn duplex.

Write Quick Steps to Windows Printer and Devices for the HP Laserjet P2055DN Duplex printer

  • Then right-click the icon of the printer.
  • Go to Properties of Printer and you will open a Print Settings window.
  • On top of the window, click Device Settings.
  • To the Duplex Unit, click on a dropdown menu.
  • Choose Installed and go to the General window tab.
  • Select Printing Shortcuts, press Preferences.
  • Click on the drop-down menu’ Yes, flip on Print on either side.’

Write HP Laserjet p2055dn Duplex Printing Detailed steps

  • Modify the settings of the printer you have successfully installed and setup for printing on HP Laserjet p2055dn Duplex Paper Printing.
  • On Windows, click on Devices and Printers. Right-click on the printer in the list displayed. Go to Printer property.
  • Click the Settings tab on the Properties window at the top.
  • To print on a 2-side option, click on the drop-down symbol next to the duplex unit. Choose Installed from the menu dropdown.
  • On the right top of the window, select the General tab. Go and click Preferences. Choose the Yes option from the downside menu and press Printing Shortcuts tab. Choose the Yes option.
  • Turn on the configured settings by choosing Apply and then click OK.
  • Print the following steps on both sides of the paper with a Mac computer. Go to the file section and click Print to open the document for printing. If you want to view the print job details, click Show Details.
  • In the Print dialog box, see the two-sided option. Select the checkbox right in front of the Display on both sides.
  • Select Layout and click Print under the Print options menu.
  • Select Paper Handling in the Print window and then click on Odd Only in the Pages to Print menu. If the printer has a rear loading tray, select Automatic. If you have a front-loading tray, choose reverse-select. Click Print. Click Print.
  • Reload the pages to the paper tray after you have finished printing on the page front of the paper. Flip the paper sheet so that if you want a library-like reading, the printed side will look down. Flip across the page to face up on the printed side. Connect with our technology experts if you need more solutions for the HP Laserjet p2055dn duplex printing.
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If you have a problem with the printer driver, you may not be able to access the printer from your computer, you have to fix the printer driver automatically. The driver problem may be caused by improper settings, incompatibility, incorrect registry or malware. If the driver is not updated, your operating system may have an error.

Quick Guide to Fixing Printer Driver Issues

  • Automatic open the Devices and Printers folder on your computer.
  • Locate the printer driver and remove it.
  • Click Start and open the Devices Manager folder on your Windows.
  • Open the folder Printers, right-click the name of the print driver and choose the update driver option. Perform the following step to resolve driver problems.
  • Search for’ Services,’ and double-click the option Print Spooler. Type in the search box the percent WINDIR% system32poolprinters and select the driver file folder. Delete all files. Delete all files.
  • Select the Services list Print Spooler and select the Start option.
  • Ensure that the startup type is automatically set and click OK. Problems are automatically detected and fixed.
Driver unavailable for Windows 10

Detailed instructions for fixing the printer driver issues Make sure the printer-computer connection is correct

Automatically power up your printer and wait until there’s no noise. Check if the network is stable if you have connected it via a wireless network.

Remove the cable from printer and computer if you have a USB connection. If damaged or worn out, replace it. Try restarting the printer and your computer, then try printing. If the problem persists, set Windows to automatically fix the printer driver.

Look for’ Change the Device Settings Control Panel ‘ option on your Windows and select the’ Change the Device Settings Control Panel’ from the results list for the Device Settings window.

Choose the’ Yes’ option (recommended) and click the’ Save Changes ‘ tab.

Search the’ check’ on your windows and click the Control Panel in the results list to install the printer driver with the Add Printer wizard. Select the option View devices and Printers and select the option’ Add a printer.’

In the next window, select the name of the printer and then select Next tab. If the printer is not listed, then click on’ The printer that I want is not listed,’ then the option’ Add a local printer or a manual settings network printer.’ If you have a connected USB printer, click Next and select a port. Click again on the Next tab, select Windows Update.

Wait until the update is finished. In the Add Printer window, choose’ Add a printer using TCP / IP address or hostname,’ and click Next. Click on the drop-down list of device type and select the Autodetect option. Provide the IP address of the printer. Now wait until the computer detects and connects the printer to it.

Run a troubleshooter to automatically fix the problem. Open the folder Devices and Printers and locate the name of the printer. Right-click the icon of the printer and choose Troubleshoot option. Continue to follow the instructions until the problem solving has been fixed. If the problem remains, remove all files from the print spooler by following the steps below.

Search for “Services” and give the Print Spooler option a double-click. Click Stop, then choose OK. Type% WINDIR system32spoolprinters in the search box. Open the folder for the driver file and remove all the files. In the Services list, locate Print spooler and select the Start option. Set the Automatic startup type and click OK. Driver problems are detected and the driver is automatically fixed.

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How To Troubleshoot My Printer Problem

HP has developed several tools to diagnose my printer problem and provide appropriate instructions for resolving issues if any detected. There are even automated tools that can automatically fix the issues. Some of such tools are HP Print and Scan Doctor tool, HP Support Assistant. HP Toolbox, etc.

How to Diagnose and Fix Printer Problems

  • Download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool on your computer (Windows only).
  • Open the tool, select the printer’s name, and then click Fix Printing.
  • Carry out the prompts appearing on the screen to resolve the issue. The instruction for using the HP Support Assistant is given below.
  • Open the HP Support Assistant and add the printer to the list of devices.
  • Click the printer icon to view the troubleshooting tools. The other diagnostic tool is HP toolbox. The tool gets installed along with the printer driver.
  • Open the HP toolbox to open the HP Printer Assistant window.
  • Click Tools and select the Advanced Settings option if you have an HP LaserJet printer.
  • Click the appropriate tab to explore various options.
diagnose my printer problem

How to use diagnosing tools for detecting and resolving printer issues

HP has developed the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool which can automatically diagnose my printer problem and fix the printer issues. Download and install the software tool on your Windows computer. Select the printer’s name in the list, and then click Next. If your printer is not listed, click the My product is not listed option.

If there is any connection issue, select your connection type and follow the on-screen instructions. Click Retry. Open the software and click Start. Select the printer’s name and follow the instructions on the software. Click Retry. Now click the Fix Printing or Fix Scanning option.

The software will now display the test results. A green checkmark indicates that the printer has passed the test, a wrench icon shows that an issue has been found and repaired. An exclamation point shows that the printer has failed the test, and needs the action of the user. If you see an ‘X’ mark, do according to the prompts displayed on the screen to fix the issue.

HP Support Assistant is another software that can maintain the printer and troubleshoot any issues. You can read all important messages, access product specifications, and get other details about the printer, besides troubleshooting. Search for HP on your Windows and then select the HP Support Assistant from the list of results displayed. If the software is not available, download it from the manufacturer’s website. The software can be downloaded even on non-HP printers.

Open the software once the installation is complete and add the printer to the list of devices. Now click the printer’s photo displayed on the software to access various troubleshooting tools. Select a tool depending on the printer issue and proceed with troubleshooting.

HP toolbox is an efficient troubleshooting software which comes along with the full feature driver of the printer. Click on HP Solution Center. If you have a LaserJet printer, click Tools and then select Advanced Settings in the HP Printer Assistant window that opens.

If you have an inkjet printer, click the Print and Scan tab and select the Maintain your Printer option in the HP Printer Assistant window. If you have HP Solution Center, click the Printer Toolbox under the Tools menu, which helps to diagnose my printer problem.

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Fix Windows 10 Printer Issues With Printer Troubleshooter

The Windows 10 pc printer troubleshooter is available in PC settings. You can also access this option from the Start menu’s Devices and Printers settings. You can also use the tool to fix most printer-related problems using Windows 10.

Connectivity problems can be overcome easily with this tool

  • In your Windows 10 computer, your printer and your computer must be linked together before you begin.
  • Make sure your computer has the latest printer driver installed.
  • Open your computer’s control panel.
  • Select Devices and Printers and select from the list your printer model.
  • Right-click the printer and choose Troubleshooting.
  • If your printer is not listed, press the sign Plus and add your printer to the list.
  • Once you’ve added the printer to the list, you can do some basic troubleshooting to resolve some simple problems.
  • This tool can solve most connectivity problems.

Detailed steps Use of Windows 10 PC

Start Menu Open Windows 10 PC Printer Windows 10 PC Troubleshooter. Fix the connection problem on your printer when connected through a wireless network. Select Device Manager-> Printers. Now you can find your printer, right-click and choose Driver Update.

Additional advanced troubleshooting to overcome some major issues. To access the Services list, select Printer Spooler and choose Stop. Confirm the action by clicking OK. Get to the search bar and type system32spoolprinters in the WINDIR percentage.

Select the result list folder and delete all the folder files. Now open Services and select Print Spooler. Get the Startup Type list and make sure Automatic is in the list and select OK. The troubleshooter checks and corrects the list of the most recent printer drivers. Use this tool to solve connectivity and printer spooler problems. You can solve most problems without user intervention.

Most printing problems can be overcome by the Windows Printer Troubleshooter. This tool can also be used to identify and solve the most connectivity issues. This can also help you to overcome the problem of the printer and the problem solver windows 10 pc.

However, this tool is for Windows users only. It is equally reliable in comparison with the HP Print and Scan Doctor. This tool is very useful for the first time because it is concise and enables you to solve most printer problems.

It’s very simple to use the Windows 10 Printer Troubleshooter. It includes an integrated software that scans the connection between your computer and your printer. This also encourages you to do simple operations with guided instructions to overcome Windows 10 pc printer troubleshooter printing problems.

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Troubleshoot PDF File Printing Problems

PDF Printing Problems

If the printer doesn’t print a document, the first thing to do is to double-check whether the connections function properly. So, you should unplug the printer cable from the USB hub and plug it directly on the USB port of your computer before troubleshooting problems related to PDF files. Turn the printer off and reboot it 30 seconds later to retry printing of the PDF file.

Besides, make sure that the driver and software of the printer are current. If not, download the latest printer and Adobe website updates and restore the PC afterward. If, despite trying the above steps, you can not print a PDF document, please follow the steps below to fix the problems with PDF printing.

Print as an image

If a pdf file is corrupted or has corrupted contents such as font or image that Acrobat has not processed during printing. This can happen. Indeed, it can be corrupted if PDFs are converted from other document files. However, by sending the print work as an image to the printer, you can overcome this in the software. Follow the steps below to do so.

  • Click Advanced. Please note that the position of the Advanced button on Adobe Acrobat varies with the Adobe Reader and select PDF file.
Advanced Printing Options

Put a tick mark next to Print as an image under the Advanced Print Setup dialog box. If you use Adobe Reader, see the option in the left-hand side of the advanced print configuration. However, you can view that option in the Settings headed to the top of the advanced print settings dialog, if you are printing the PDF file via Adobe Acrobat.

Print As Image
  • When Print as Image is selected, click OK to close the dialog box and confirm printing again.

Convert PDF Files Re-Create

The pdf file from the source file if it is not possible to print as images. Open the source file of a page layout or text-processing program in your respective software program.

  • Click on Print and save it in system pdf format from your toolbar or menu bar Filter.
  • To retry printing, open a new PDF file.

If you still have problems with the printer or need help with any other problems, contact tech support professionals on Windows or any other operating systems to resolve problems with the printer.

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How do I fix connectivity errors for LAN Printer on Windows?

Printer Problems In Windows

LAN Printer Connectivity

To resume productivity printing, try both problem solving steps in the bottom to print again if you can’t print from a network printer or connected printer using Ethernet cables. First, as explained, eliminate the probability of two causes.

If a printer is frozen, not connected or disconnected

The active network connection is marked with Crosscheck on the printer and green light behind it. If a printer in the local network is shared by physical cables with a different PC, it must be first and foremost operating on a Windows server screen. If it remains unreactive or frozen, reboot the printer to turn it on the network.

The PC not Connected to LAN

How To Fix A Printer That Wont Print

Enable Network Discovery

The Add Printer wizard shows in Devices and Printers only when the computer is connected with the LAN network. If you are trying to print on an office PC, check to see whether the cable link between the PC and the Ethernet port of the printer is connected to LAN. When you try to print from a remote network, you can make sure that a VPN connection between a remote PC and the system is established.

Enable Network Discovery

This Windows network setting influences whether the server PC finds other system or whether other PCs or devices can find the server PC in the Windows network. But a remote user can not find the available printers in their network if Network Discovery is deactivated. Click Start on desktop and enter the Network and Share Center to open it to allow it in Windows. When the Control Panel window is opened, click the Modify Advanced Sharing Settings top left and expand the Current profile. Choose Turn Network Discovery and click Save Changes on Windows prompts under the heading Network profile.

In the same way, file sharing and printer sharing are enabled on the printer server so that other PCs can access the server-based printer drivers installed. To do so, activate the Network and Sharing Center file and printer sharing, and click Save Changes immediately. No one else can connect to or view server printers, including LAN printers, unless the feature is enabled.

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Troubleshoot Network Printer Offline Error on Windows 7

Network Printer Offline Error

Network Printers installed on Windows 7 are seen to be offline even though some other network devices can access the printer. The reason for this off-line printer problem relates to the status of the enabled Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). In order to find out if a device has any problem, SNMP monitors and receives information from network appliances like routers, printers, servers, etc.

Most network devices are supported by SNMP and provide answers for queries with the relevant query information. However, this particular protocol is not used by all network devices to communicate and connect. If your printer does not run SNMP, but other users do send a printer query over the protocol, the status of the network printer will appear offline.

The network printer in Windows 7 is easy to fix or workaround. In layman terms, the protocol needs to be disabled to bypass it and to set the network printer status. To make the printer offline fix, follow the steps below.

Printer Offline Fix
  • Select Properties
  • Click and Select Port option
  • Under that Deselecting the SIMP status checkbox is turned on within the new window

However, if you can find no options, you must have installed a printing printer with a setup file in Windows 7, not over a TCP / IP port. Select the configuration port option. In this section, the SIMP is the most important option. Follow the following steps on every network computer, if you do not share it from a server system, to add the printer to that port in each of them.

How To Turn Printer Online
  • Right-click on the Devices and Printer printer icon and
  • Select Properties Click on the option starting with Add Port Double-click on Standard TCP / IP Port
  • In the wizard that appears afterwards, click Next Key on the IP address and proceed to setup.
  • Select the Generic Network Card and select Next Click
  • Finish Click Ports
  • Double-check dialog box.
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Troubleshoot Memory Not Sufficient Error Related to Printers

Common Printer Issues

A error message appears when trying to print out on Windows XP indicating that the memory is not sufficient. It may occur before another file error is missing, so that it can locate and reinstall the printer problems on Windows PC. It can be as nervous as finding and have to find an offline print fix for Windows.

Submit print jobs from a different program Reboot the system

If an error indicates that a printing job is outstanding, cancel or remove the printing file initiated by the spooler.

  • To open the Notepad from the Start Menu, push the Windows button.
  • Enter a short phrase on the file and press Ctrl and P to run a test printout simultaneously.
  • If the text is printed successfully, the file you attempted to print earlier will probably be corrupted or the PC does not have the hard drive space to process the spool file.

If the printer is connected to a parallel cable, use the steps indicated below to connect it to the USB port of the computer.

Uninstall printer software

Disconnect the parallel cable of the printer and Reinstall Bundled Printing Software Connect your power cord to the PC and then Connect to the printer

Check if Memory is available for minimum system requirements

If Windows prompts, connect your software to the PC with the USB Cable you also have to check whether the available system corresponds to that of the PC. First, in Task Manager, check the currently used memory, and then doubling whether the PC meets the amount required.

  • To simultaneously open the Task Manager, press the Ctrl, ALT and Delete keys.
  • Go to the Performance tab and check the printer’s memory.

Check whether the printer user manual or label has mentioned the RAM and if that corresponds to the necessary printing storage memory.

If all these methods do not work on troubleshooting problems with the printer, then the hard disk space for printing has to be managed and modified. Contact our technology support team for more information or if you need an offline printing fix..

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Steps To Resolve Printer is Not Printing Issue even It is Connected Properly:

 The printer is connected, but won’t print because of mistakes or issues like printing black or color ink, it is offline and so on. Restore the driver and use real ink cartridges to solve the problem.

  • Fixed Error: Connected Printer But Do Not Print Document Open, select File and then Mac Print.
  • Select the Quality or Media and Quality Menu for Paper Type.
  • To save settings for future print jobs, choose Save from the presets menu and then name the new preset.
  • Select Windows software application file.
  • Choose Print to open the window of the printer.
  • Open the dialog box Properties or Preferences.
  • Change settings such as paper type, paper size, quality printing, etc. Select OK and then select Print.

Short steps: Connected But Not Printing Issue

Make sure you use the paper to print. Check the estimated ink levels and substitute the new one for the empty or low ink cartridges to fix the connected printer but won’t print problem.

Select File in the software application and then select Print to see the printing settings in Windows. The Properties dialog box opens and opens the Print window. And change the paper type, print quality, paper size, etc. depending on the print job. Select OK to print the settings and then choose Print.

Reinforce the area around your ink pockets by collecting lint-free tissue, dry foam rubber swabs or any other soft material to fix the connected but not printed printer.

Hold the handle on the printer sides. Then raise the door of the cartridge until it locks in. And the cartridge moves to the printer center.

Wait until the cartridge is silent and idle before you go on. Take the power cord from the printer’s back. Lift the cartridge lid from the slot to release the cartridge. Then push the lid back lightly until it stops.

Remove the ink cartridge from the slot. Hold the sides of the ink cartridge. A lint-free tissue or foam-rubber swab is lightly moisturized by distilled water.

Squeeze from it any excess water. Clean the face and edges in the swab around the ink nozzle. Allow the cartridge to sit down for 10 minutes, allowing the purified area to dry or use a new swab to dry.

Hold the ink cartridge to the printer on the sides with the nozzles.

Slide the cartridge in the slot forward. Then close the cartridge deck to secure the cartridge. And close the access door to the cartridge. And solve connected printer, but will not print problem.

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123 HP Laserjet p4015 Duplex Printing

The HP Laserjet p4015 printer offers the possibility to print duplex printing on both the pages of a document. Automatic and manual printing can be done by the HP Laserjet p4015 Duplex Printing.

Solutions on how to print with the Laserjet printer Load enough paper on the main input channel. Load a large amount of paper

  • Open the printable document and choose the menu File.
  • Click Print and, if necessary, select Show Details.
  • Select and locate the option on two sides.
  • Select Layout in the Print tab and mark the checkbox.
  • From the two-sided tab select the Binding option and click Print.
  • Remove from the output tray the first printed pages.
  • In the input tray, place the pages and click “Further.”

Best procedures for duplex printing using Laserjet p4015 printer

  • Place plates of A 4 in the main input table to overcome the page ordering problems, with the best procedures for duplex printer using laserjet p4015.
  • Test for installation of Toner Cardboards.
  • Windows: Document open and menu File selection. Select Print and choose a Laserjet p4015 printer name. Printing option.
  • Open the Printer Preference or Document Properties window by clicking the Printer Properties, Preferences or Printer Setup option.
  • Verify the presentation of a shortcut printing tab and then click Printing or Printing on both sides (HP Laserjet p4015 Duplex Printing). Choose the Finishing, Layout or Features tab if the duplexing menu is not available.
  • Select the Print option for both sides and choose Bind or Flip page.
  • Click Print to select the OK button. Please remove the first pages printed from the output tray and tap on a even surface. Introduce the first pages printed in the input panel and press Continue to print other pages.
  • Mac: Use the manual duplexing method if your Laserjet printer does not support the automatic duplexing feature. Verify your printer’s type of paper tray and click on the option Paper Handling at the center of a screen.
  • Choose Odd from the Pages to Print only and select reverse or automatic option based on the model of your Laserjet printer. Remove the strange pages in the output tray and load them to the ingot tray after the print job has been completed.
  • Return to the Print window and select Even Only. Select the print option by clicking Normal Mode.
  • Smartphones: Download your mobile HP Smart app. Open the application and click Home Print. Select the Print Document and select the document to be printed. Select your printer, Click-> More Settings-> HP Laserjet p4015 Duplex Printing–> OK-> Print.
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