How To Fix Printer Driver Issues, Errors and Problems

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Let you start how to fix the printer driver by upgrading the printer driver software, setting the printer as the default printer to avoid duplication, etc. The driver software connects the printer and the computer, and the driver has to be installed.

 Quick steps in searching and opening for Windows

  • Update on Windows to fix printer drivers.
  • Select Update Check and select the updates you want to install.
  • To install only essential updates, choose Install Updates.
  • You can choose Optional Updates to select all the updates available.
  • Choose updates from the Optional and Important tabs list and choose OK. Reboot the computer after the updates are installed.
  • Select the icon for Windows, select Devices and Printer.
  • Right click on the HP Printer, set the default printer and next to the printer the checkmark appears.

Preparation Steps to Fix Printer Drivers

  1. Sometimes the problem of the printer driver is due to updating the printer driver problem and how to fix it. In order to update printer driver, search Windows Update and open it in Windows.
  2. Choose Update check and install updates. HP recommends that both Important and Recommended updates be selected.
  3. Important updates are critical for computer health. Select Install Updates to install only essential updates.
  4. There are no optional upgrades, but they are recommended. To select all available updates, select Optional Updates to fix the error using the printer driver manual.
  5. Select updates from the Important and Optional Tabs list and then select OK. The computer restarts after the update is installed.
  6. Sometimes Windows can not manage the default printer if multiple printers are connected or network printers are used. It is therefore good to manually create a certain printer as a standard device. This helps to print documents in the standard printer. Go to the Control Panel and turn the view into large icons. The Devices and Printers search option.
  7. Please select any printer connected and choose Set as the Default Printer option. To confirm it, choose OK.
  8. Select the Apple icon, choose System Preferences, then select Print & Fax.
  9. The printer and fax window is opened and the drop down menu next to the default printer is selected and the device can be deleted by following the manual for fixing the printer driver.
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