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Use a swab to wash the canon printhead. The procedure for cleaning the printer head is detailed in the user guide. Follow the following measures and attempt to resolve the problem of how to clean canon prints.

Steps to clean the Canon Printhead

  1. Open the Setup window of the printer driver.
  2. Click on the Maintenance tab for Cleaning.
  3. When the Print Head Cleaning dialog box is open, select the link group for which the cleaning is done.
  4. To view items you need to verify before cleaning, select Initial Check Items.
  5. Make sure the machine is ON and then select Run and start printing head cleaning.
  6. Complete Cleaning, and after confirmation, the Nozzle Check dialog box opens.
  7. To check whether the print quality has improved, select Print Check Pattern.
  8. Clean it again if the head clean once doesn’t fix the issue of the print head.

Canon printer Printhead Cleaning Guide

Traverse the Properties menu of the printer, then select the Maintenance tab. Select the Cleansing option and follow the directions for cleaning the canon printer to clean the relevant Ink Group.

This step must be performed several times before improvement is seen. Choose the Deep Cleaning alternative if the problem is not resolved by cleaning. Click on the corresponding Ink Group and follow the directions to perform the deep cleaning.

Like cleaning, it is necessary to perform deep cleaning several times before enhancement is seen. If cleaning and deep cleaning does not remove the printable head satisfactorily, remove the printhead and clean it manually using the canon printer manual for cleaning.

Lift the print cover to transfer the print cartridge to the centre. To remove the cartridge, tap the tab on each cartridge and raise the printhead out of the holding. Raise the lock to release the print head. Wash the printhead with warm water securely.

Remove the remaining ink and paper if it is attached to the bottom of the head which clogs and slits. Wash until clean water runs. Remove the two ceramic plate screws from under the printhead. Ease the ceramic plates with gentle pressure away from the print head body.

Run behind the plate warm water. Remove any accumulation behind the plate. Wash until the printhead is not dusty. Remove the printhead and insert it back into the hold.

Reduce the locking lever to fit and then reinstall the tin cartridges. Close the printer cover and then perform any alignment modifications in the operator handbook of the printer that will guide you in how to clean the canon printing head.

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How can I fix Canon Printer Error?

Canon Printer Repair

Fix Printer Issues

Many computer users using the Canon wireless printer in workplace or personal print work often complain that their printer does not react at certain intervals. If you experience a Canon printer who has no problem working regularly, the best way to get the help of Canon expert repair technicians is to solve the problem.

It is important to note that printer failure is in fact a common printer error and this is caused by a number of reasons. For instance, your printer can not perform flawlessly by using an outdated driver. Likewise, this issue may also arise if your printer is not connected to a network. Below are a few simplistic but efficient troubleshooting steps, which help you to easily fix the failure of the Canon Printer.

Steps to Follow

In most cases, a lack of communication between your PC and printer is the main culprit behind a non-response printer. If that is the problem, then there are a few steps below to help you resolve the problem.

  • To install a wireless Canon printer, press the Setup button and enter the Wireless LAN setting and click OK.
  • Choose Easy Setup now and confirm your selection by clicking OK.
  • Please choose Access Point before clicking OK and then type the Wi-Fi password.
  • Find the configuration disk and insert it into the PC. The setup program must now be run to install a Canon printer on your device.
ubleshooting Tips
  • Select Simple Install and click Setup. On the newly loaded page, you can now find a Printer on Network. If yes, before the next troubleshooting step click on the option.
  • Start the installation process by pressing Next and wait a few minutes to finish the process.

When the installation is done, execute a test print job to see whether a non-response error is detected by the Canon printer. Otherwise you will have to try out other troubleshooting steps for the printer to solve this problem and you will be better served by experienced Canon printers.

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