How to reset canon printer?

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In a Canon printer, the reset method is generally performed to fix several mistakes on the device. An automatic or manual technique can be used to reset a printer. Follow the measures on the restart of the canon printer on this section.

Instructions on how to reset the Canon Printer

  1. Press the Resume button on the Canon printer and hold it.
  2. Wait two to three minutes at least.
  3. To complete the reset process, release the Resume button.
  4. Disconnect the power cable attached to your Canon printer’s rear end.
  5. Wait a few seconds and connect the power cable back to the printer.
  6. Press the Power button of your Canon printer for a long time.
  7. Keep the Power button, then twice click Resume.
  8. Check whether the default settings on your Canon printer are restored.

Best solutions for restarting the Canon printer

Hold the Resume button for at least two to three minutes on your Canon printer. Release the Resume button, this automatically resets the Canon printer. Disconnect the energy cord attached to the back of your Canon printer. If you do not finish the reset method press the Power button and reconnect the power cord behind your Canon printer to help you reset the canon printer.

Do not disconnect the Power button. On the Canon printer, press the Resume button about two times. Restore the factory configurations by releasing the Power button. To reset the Canon printer softly, continue with the steps below. Remove the USB cable and any memory cards inserted into your Canon printer.

Restart the system Windows or Mac. Open the lock cover and remove the slot cartridges. Press the Power button to turn off the Canon printer and close the cover. Disconnect your printer and socket from the power cord. Wait two minutes at least and connect the string back between the printer and the electrical socket.

Reset the Mac printing scheme: select the Apple icon and select System Preferences. Click on Printers & Scanners and right-click on the list of appliances in the window to the left. Select the option Reset Printing System.

When prompted, click Reset and type the passcode for your admin account. Choose the OK button. Once the reset is finished, the printer list is empty. Read the list of your Canon printer.

Choose the Add button and press the printer name. To add a printer to the list, select the Add button. Click the Start icon on your desktop to reset the printer in Windows and select the Control Panel.

Click the Admin Tools option and choose Print Administration. Select the option Print Servers. Click on the blank room and pick Add / Remove Servers. Click the option Remove All, then press OK.

After the reset process has been completed, the printer list will be deleted. Add your Canon printer’s model to the list and print a test page. Work is now finished on how to reset canon printer.

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