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With the HP SMART APP, you can quickly customize your printer on a wireless network and repair printer-related issues readily. It’s also easy to print and download on the other hand. 

Download the HP SMART APP and link with an HP printer to your mobile device. 

Hp Smart App Setup For Android Appliances

  1. For Android devices with the Android OS 4.4 edition (kitkat) or newer, the HP Smart App is enabled.
  2. Upon opening the file, attach your HP printer.
  • Ensure that your android device has the same wireless network as your printer.
  1. Go to Google Play Store to download the HP SMART APP.
  2. Open the app and begin the tap after the software is installed.
  3. Consider the method’s terms and conditions.
  • Tap (+) to sign in to your home screen, pick the printer you want to use if you have more than one printer attached to your wireless network.
  • You can add the new HP printer by choosing the Hp printer template attach concern or setting the new printer.
  • To complete the installation process, click on the screen instructions.  

Hp Smart App Setup For Apple iOS device

  1. The HP Smart App is supported on Apple iOS 9 or later computers.   
  2. Start and connect the app to your printer once the app has been downloaded.
  • Ensure that your iOS device is in the same network as your printer.
  1. Download your iphone with the HP SMART APP. 
  2. Tap start opening the app after the configuration process.    
  3. The device begins searching for network printers in order to continue to understand the terms and conditions.
  • Choose the printer you want to use if more than one printer is connected to a Wireless Network. Tap (+) Sign on Home Screen   
  • By selecting a printer or configuring a fresh HP printer you can add a fresh printer.


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Hp smart app Scan and print Function

1. Follow the instructions on the monitor to complete the installation process.

  • Print an image or a document.
  1. You can print photos and records of your Android and iOS. You can also print on your Android device on Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Go to HP SMART APP, type Print Documents, and print photos to begin printing.
  • The file can be accessed from the internet, social media or mobile devices.
  1. Select the document or the image you want to print, the preview will be displayed.
  2. Tap print to start printing.
  • Your printer scanning 
  1. Begin the scanning by placing the photo or documents on a Scanner Glass or an automated file feeder.
  2. Go to the SMART HP APP. 
  • This offers 3 forms of scanning, email scanning and Cloud scanning. Choose the sort of scan you like
  1. The scan origin can be selected by selecting the Settings icon.
  2. Tap executed. Tap done. Tap done.
  3. To adjust boundaries, select the scan.
  • Additional pages can be added by clicking the icon for additional pages.
  • When you have finished scanning, select Send, save, share or print as needed. Mobile camera phone scan file.
  1. Using your mobile camera, you can scan documents or photographs as a PDF or JPEG file, save them to your mobile device, cloud account, or share them via email.   
  2. To search, select the document or image.
  • Open the HP Smart application
  1. Choose your mobile device and scan form.
  • Tap email scanning camera, cloud scanning camera or capture of documents on Android devices.
  • Press Email scanning, database scanning or camera scanning on apple devices.
  1. Show the scan preview after clicking on the image. In android phones: it is possible to manually change the boundary by adjusting the blue points.
  • The edges are automatically detected in automotive mode in Apple iOS and multi-page scanning is easily possible, while manual mode is preferred to scan one or two pages or where the auto mode does not recognize the edges of the object.
  1. You can modify the preview screen.
  • You can add additional pages by clicking the icon for additional pages.   
  • Once the scanning process has been completed, pick Send, save, share, or print as per your needs.

Copy and scan using HP Smart App

With your mobile camera, you can copy and search documents or photographs using the HP Smart app. HP Smart offers editing tools to alter the scanned image before saving, publishing, or pressing it. You can print, store and share your scans locally or in the cloud through emails, text messages, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Follow instructions for copying or scanning using HP Smart in the following paragraph, depending on the type of computer you use.

  • Copy and scan from an Android or iOS.
  • Scan from a Windows 10  

Each segment provides basic instructions for copying and downloading from Android, iOS or Windows 10 devices using HP Smart apps.

Print and download from an Android or iOS device

Download from Android or iOS device

  1. Open the smart app for HP.
  2. If you need to switch to another printer, press the Plus button.
  3. Click the Copy key. The integrated camera is going to open.
  4. Place a document or picture before the camera, choose a choice to help determine the original size and then press the round button at the bottom of the screen to grab a file.

TIP: Change the camera position to inside the frame provided on the preview screen for the best results.

  1. Set the number of copies or if necessary make other adjustments:
  • To attach more files or images, click the Attach Page button.
  • To remove files or images, click the Delete button.
  • Click Resize to change the size of the paper’s initial.
  1. Tap Start Black or Start Color to make a copy.


To scan from an Android or iOS device:

  1. Open the smart app for HP.
  2. To move to another printer or add a new printer, press the Plus button.
  3. Select the option to scan, then tap Camera.
  4. The built-in camera is locked. If the scanned file or image has been changed, save, upload or print it. Scan your picture or document using your camera.

Scan from a Windows 10 device:

Using a scanner from a Windows 10 device, you can scan a document or photo.

If your phone has a screen, you can use the HP Smart app to scan a printed document or image using a camera app. You can then use HP Smart to upload, import, print or view the image.

  1. Enable Smart HP. See Use the HP Smart App for writing, copying, scanning or troubleshooting to know more.
  2. Tap the Search button and then tap View.
  3. Please select a photo or photograph in front of your screen, then push or tap the round button at the bottom of the frame.
  4. Select or tap button Submit.
  5. If required, make other changes:
  • To add additional documentation or images, press or select Add Pages.
  • Click or tap To rotate or copy or adjust the contrast, intensity, saturation or angle of the report or image.
  1. To save it or tap Sharing icon to share it with others, click or tap Save key.

Editing a document or image:

HP Smart, which has already been scanned, offers tools for editing, such as cropping or rotating, so you can put a scanned document or image on your device.

  1. Open Smart HP. See the print, save, search, and problem-solving HP Smart software.
  2. Use Print, then Export.
    Choose the folder or photo you want to modify and press Open or tap Open.
  3. If required, change the boundaries. If required, click or tap the Apply button.

Make more adjustments:

  • For additional documents or images, click or select Add Pages.
  • Click or Select Edit to rotate or crop or adjust the file or image’s contrast, intensity, saturation or direction.
  1. Choose the file type you like, press Save or Transfer, or transfer it to others.

HP SMART APP FUNCTIONS-Tin level check, order supplies, configurations of printers and reporting.

Hp Smart App For Android phones:

  1. By clicking on the supported cartridge, you can obtain data from the ink cartridge and can order the ink cartridges by buying them now.
  2. You can open the HP Instant Ink dashboard by going to the HP Instant Ink screen.
  • You can obtain information on the setting, document and instruments of your printer with the printer data icon.
  1. Printer perspective and upgrade settings: Print settings such as paper trays, remote, auto-off, and more can be changed by setting the printer.
    Printing Printer Report:
  2. You can get settings, diagnostic quality printer, and status reports from your printer model through the selection of printer reports.
  3. Printer Tools: Print reliability tools, for maintenance purposes such as print head washing, are compatible with the click of the ink cartridge.    
  • To get information about the printer: to get the printer’s status, printer name, serial number and film ware version, tap printer settings or print information.
  • Advanced access tools: You can use sophisticated configurations to set power saving mode and verify the status of the network and set your printer’s network settings.

Hp Smart App setup for Apple iOS devices:

  1. You can get the information about the ink cartridge by clicking on the supported cartridge and you can buy now option to purchase the ink cartridges.  
  2. By going to the HP Instant Ink option, you can open the HP Instant Ink dashboard.
  3. You can find data about the settings, report and instruments of the printer by using the printer data icon.
  • The printer screen and upgrade feature: you can change printer settings like paper trays, quiet mode, auto off, and more by setting the printer.
  • Printing Printer report: The configuration tab, and the diagnostic performance and status reports of the printer can be accessed by downloading printer reports from your template.
  • Printer tools: Print performance instruments are associated with the ink cartridge tap to conduct maintenance tasks such as print head washing.
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