Troubleshooting: Printer Does Not Work Why

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why My printer does not work? [Solved]

The problem with the printer is due to problems such as black or colored ink, not printing, the printer is offline, etc. To solve the problem of black or color-ink non-printing, reinstall the printer driver and use genuine ink cartridges.

  • Steps To Fix Printer Does Not Work Open the document, choose the File and select Mac Print.
  • Select the Type / Quality paper or Media and Quality menu.
  • To save the settings for future print jobs, select Save in the Presets menu and then name the new preset.
  • Choose File from Windows software application.
  • Select Print that opens the window of the printer.
  • Open the dialog box of Properties or Preferences.
  • Change settings such as paper size, quality of printing, type of paper, etc. Choose OK and then choose Print.

Detailed steps to solve the problem solving of the printer ensure you use the appropriate printing paper

printer does not work why

Check the estimated tin levels and replace the new one with the low or empty tin cartridges and find Printer Don’t Work Why.

Select the file in the software application and select Print for the print settings in Windows. Open and open the Properties dialog. The Print window opens. Change the paper type, print quality, paper size and more depending on the job you print. Select OK to apply the settings and then select Print after selecting the print settings.

Reinforce the area around the ink buckets by collecting lint-free cloth, dry rubber buckets, or any other soft material.

Hold the handle on the printer sides. Then raise the access door to the cartridge until it is locked. And the cartridge is moving into the printer’s center.

Wait until the cartridge is silent and idle before you go on. Remove the power cord from the printer’s rear. Lift the deck on the cartridge slot to release the cartridge. Then push the lid back gently until it stops.

To remove the slot, pull up the ink cartridge. Keep the ink cartridge on its sides. A lint-free towel or foam-rubber swab with distilled water lightly moisturize.

Squeeze from it any excess water. Clean the face and edges of the ink nozzle in the swab softly. Let the cartouche sit for 10 minutes to let the cleaned area dry or dry with a new swab.

Hold the ink cartridge to the printer on the sides with the nozzles.

Slide the cartridge in the slot forward. Then, close the cartridge deck to secure the cartridge. And close the access door of the cartridge and resolve Printer Does Not Work Why.

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