How To Test My Printer Connection

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Print your wireless network test report to test my printer connection and check your network connection. Check and make sure you don’t have a private network connection. Check whether the router is enabled. Ensure that no network is connected to your printer and computer. Check your printer’s IP address.

 How to check your connection to the Printer Network?

  • Make sure your router is activated when the wireless network is connected.
  • Print the Test Report for the Wireless Network.
  • Check and confirm that the PASS indicated connectivity area.
  • If the connection fails, connect your printer to the router connection.
  • Check and confirm that the network name matches your network in the configuration area.
  • Make sure you haven’t changed recently in the router.
  • Type the IP address of the current IP address of the printer on the wireless network test report.
  • Set a static IP address so you don’t have to manually change the IP address.

Steps To Test Your Printer Network Connection

  1. Turn on your network router and set up the wireless network connection to test your Printer Network connection initially. Connect the power cable of the printer to an electric source and turn your printer on. Print the Wireless Network Test Report to verify your network-connected printer. Tap the Setup button on the control panel of the printer. Click the Print Network Configuration Page from the Network Settings or Network Setup.
  2. Load blank papers to print the test report of my printer connection on the input tray. After you tap the Network Configuration or Wireless Network Test Report command, the printer starts to print the Report. Check the report and ensure that it is mentioned as PASS in the connectivity area. If it is PASS, you can confirm your network connection.
  3. If the connection to the network has failed, check whether the router has connected to the network. Check and make sure your name matches the network name (SSID) on your computer in the configuration area. Uninstall or deactivate the security software on the network connection because the security software can block the network connection.
  4. If you have recently updated your network password on the router, you should also upgrade in the configuration area. If you don’t change your password in the configuration field, you may fail to connect and the printer won’t connect to your network to test my printer connection.
  5. If you have enabled the filtering MAC address in your router, turn it off and search for the MAC address of a printer. After finding, add the MAC address of your printer to the list of devices that can connect to your network.
  6. If you have changed your IP address, check the IP address of the Printer and the IP of the network settings report. There will be no problems if it matches. If you find different, type in the IP address of the report in the configuration area of the printer.
  7. If you find problems with connection to the network, use the troubleshooting tool to automatically diagnose and solve the problem. If the test problem of my printer connection continues, try to reconfigure network connection settings on a router and your printer even after attempting all troubleshooting steps.
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