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The first step to be taken after the purchase is to set up the Samsung Wireless Printer. The setup process usually involves the unpacking of the printer, the connectivity setting, the loading of the correct papers, the installation of the ink or toner cartridges, the driver downloading, and a WiFi. The configuration process must be carried out in order to access the entire Samsung wireless printer features. Make sure you correctly execute the configuration instructions, otherwise the wireless Samsung printer may be a problem. The brief directions on installing Samsung wireless printer are addressed on this web page.

The Samsung Wireless Printer is easy to set up

  1. Test whether the seal is on top of the printer case.
  2. Take out the Samsung printer and place it on a flat surface.
  3. Dispose of all Samsung portable printer dvds.
  4. Connect the electrical cord between the back and outlet of the Samsung printer.
  5. Convert Samsung’s printer and fill sheets, then connect the cartridges of the toner or dye.
  6. Click the Select icon on the front side of the printer. Tap the Wireless link and press Set WPS.
  7. Choose a PIN and you’ll see an 8-digit token on the control panel.
  8. Type the PIN on the network attached computer and load the driver to complete the installation.

Samsung Wireless Printer Configuration Guidelines

To download Samsung’s wireless printer setup, open the box and remove all supplies. Take from the packed box the Samsung printer and put it on a levelled field. Make sure your printer doesn’t have any impact. Connect your Samsung printer’s power cord to the back.

Attach the other end of the chord into a functioning tube. Choose and click the Power button on the Samsung printer to turn the system on. Place sufficiently leftover document stack in the key input tray. Mount in the slots the original cartridges.

Windows: Step 1: Download your personal computer with the Samsung Wireless Easy Setup app. Begin deployment with the downloaded file going. Select the Next button and wait until the installation is finished.

Phase 2: Press Start and then run the Samsung Quick Wireless Setup app. On Samsung’s Wireless Printer, choose Next and Power. Tap the Next button and you will see a dialog box Choose the Wireless Setup Template on your screen. Switch on the radio button next to the USB cable selection.

Phase 3: Press Next and from the list on accessible networks pick the name of your Network Set Identifier. Select Next and type the network password key or WPA key. Wait until the connection process is over; it could take a few minutes.

Step 4: Click and click on the Wireless button, then print a test page. To finish the connectivity, disconnect USB cord from the Samsung printer and computer.

Mac: Step 1: Insert the USB cable on the Samsung printer into the USB port. Link the other end of the USB cord to the Mac personal computer. Upon completion of the connection, run the Wireless Setup App to open the wireless setup. The Samsung Quick Wireless Setup website unlocks the Key Configuration dialog box.

Step 2: Start the Samsung wireless printer setup download process by choosing the Next button. Click the link form for the first time using a USB cable. Make sure the Samsung printer is attached via a USB cable to the Mac device. Select Next and the Installation Wizard detects all network-related devices.

Phase 3: Pick your SSID name from the network chart, then click the Next icon. Type the security code WEP, WPA, or WPA2 into the Mac system Network Password field and touch Next. Do not continue until the network is wired to the Samsung printer.

Phase 4: Click Next now and press Start on the trigger window on the computer. Check if your Samsung printer name is displayed in the System Preferences window to finish downloading Samsung wireless printer configuration.

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