Five Warning Signs of a Faulty Transfer Roller in Laser Printers

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Five Symptoms that tells a Transfer Roller in Laser Printers is Fault

Faulty Transfer Roller

One crucial part of a laser printer is the transfer roller, where the toner is transferred from a cartridge drum and printed on the paper. The transmission tank has the opposing polarity electrically charged, so the toner particles are attracted to the laser beam pattern. In order to reproduce a text or image the toner particles are then transmitted to the paper in the specific pattern. Many of the problems with laser printers are caused by a failure in the transmission roller. A defective transmission roller causes certain warning signs for the printer.

In order to determine if the truck caused the problem, attention should always be paid to these signs. Also, it is recommended that the problem of the transfer drum be solved by a professional technician. Below are a few warning signs indicating a defective laser print transmission roller.

Recurrent Paper Jams

The malfunction of the transmission roller is likely to cause recurring paper jams. A failed transmission roller can prevent the correct intake of the paper. It loses its position and gets stuck inside and causes a paper jam. You can clear this in accordance with the instructions in the printer’s handbook, but it should be left to a technician.

Squealing Noises

Another common sign of a defective transfer roller is the fact that the press is working with squealing noises. Usually this is due to an incorrect or broken roller of the transfer. A straightforward misalignment of the transmission roller can easily be cleared using the printer manual. If the roller is broken, a printer technician should replace the roller.

Foul Smell

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Another sign of a defective transfer roller is the emission of an unpleasant, foul smell during printing. This is usually because the roller’s sensitive surfaces accumulate dirt. The problem can usually be resolved by simply cleaning with a soft towel or by compressed air.

Fade Printouts

A defective transfer roller can cause faded prints to be manufactured without text or image reading. This is usually caused by a dirty reel which can return normal print quality if a gentle wiping is performed on the roller surface. Carefully cleaning the drum surface as it is very sensitive should be done.

Spots in PrintoutsIf there are spots and stripes in the printer in different areas, this is a sure sign that the rolling is defective. Wipe the roller surface and perform several test prints can solve the problem. However, a specialist printing technician should be contacted to have it serviced for the normal restoration of printing.

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