How to Fix Error 0x00000709 in Windows?

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Error 0x00000709 in Windows

Fix Error 0x00000709

Common Printer Issues

Error 0x00000709 denotes a situation, as soon as a user can’t configure a default printer to one that’s been configured as default in Windows or a different printer. A glitch in Windows Registry settings can get the error or the scenario where Registry prioritizes a previously printer as default.

For troubleshooting printer problems such as Error 0x00000709, it is necessary to have a back from the Windows Registry. To take a backup, press R key and Windows key concurrently and key in regedit from the Run dialog box. After the dialog box of User Access Control pops up next, seeking permission to run Registry Editor as Administrator, click Yes so as to run it.

Modifying Windows Registry Settings

From Registry Editor window, browse to Document > Export, assign a title to the backup Registry document then Save it. After that, click HKEY_CURRENT_USER, enlarge Software folder, then scroll to and click on Microsoft. After that, click to enlarge Windows NT and choose Windows folder. Subsequently, right-click on the REG key tagged Apparatus to the ideal side of this Windows Registry Editor, and then select Modify in the context menu that pops up.

Troubleshooting Printer Problems

Fix Error 0x00000709

Fix Error 0x00000709 Next, assign the name you want the default printer device to set up with the Windows PC. Note that you should leave the text string after the spooler is denoted without editing while configuring the printer’s name.

If Windows is sending an instant such as Can not Edit Unit, then immediately click OK. To enlarge, right click Windows directory to the left of the Registry Editor. This will start the Windows dialog box permissions. In this window, under heading Permissions for All, select the Full Control option.

If you can not solve Error 0x00000709, please click the Start button, find and open Devices and Printers on the Control Panel. Run Printer as Windows Administrator. Once the Printers are opened on the screen, right click on the name of the printer and select See What is Printing. Then in the queue window, choose Open as Administrator and in the next menu, Set as Default Printer.

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