How to Fix Printer Installation Error 0x00000057?

by Printer Expert

How can I fix Error 0x00000057 in printer installation?

Printer Driver Is Unavailable

Printer Installation Error

Our life was made much easier by computer printers. These devices allow us to print thousands or hundreds of documents every day without delay. It is safe to say that millions of staff members and employers from around the world are heavily dependent on computer printers.

Printers need regular maintenance and proper care just like other electronic devices and machines. Offline printers and other common printing errors are probably not available if you fail to take good care of your printer. One of the most common errors reported by several computer users using printers on a daily basis is 0x000057 error.

Apart from this, the most common errors are those of the printers. This is a disturbing computer printer error since a printer is not added on to the PC by users. Error 0x00000057 usually occurs due to corrupt drivers, but there are many other reasons for this error. Below are a few straightforward troublesheets that can help you fix the 0x00000057 error.

  • To select the control panel from the options lists, press Windows on your keyboard key.
  • Go to Control Panel’s Devices and printers section and scroll down until the Add a Printer is visible

Devices And Printers

Add Printer

  • Select Create a new port, then choose Local Port Type
  • You now need to enter \ComputerNameSharedPrinterName, the Network Path to the Computer Printer.

Create A New Port

  • From the options list, select the printer and then click Replace the existing driver option.

Now there is a dialog box that will ask you whether or not you want to share the printer. If you want to, you will have to give the device a name. If you are still having Error 0x0000000057 and if you are not in a position to add printers to your computer, you should look for help from expert printer support technicians.

You can either select your proposed name or name as you wish. These experts have handled several common printer problems, including unavailability of the printer driver and offline Wireless Printer errors. This means they can easily fix the problem.

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