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It would be a costly strategy to buy a fresh Canon ink cartridge for replacement of the current one. Purchase compatible refill ink instead and complete the tin cartridges. The following steps will assist you to refill the canon printer in tin cartridges.

The quick guide to refill ink cartridge on Canon Printer

  1. Power on printer.
  2. Check your cartridge for the ink level.
  3. Open the printer’s front cover.
  4. To be refilled, press the cartridge until you hear a click.
  5. Remove the cartridge from the slot and put it on a towel of paper.
  6. Locate the sponge fill hole and fill the sponge region with ink.
  7. Look for a tiny circle under the code that denotes the ink cartridge colour.
  8. Drill the hole and fill the ink through the hole.

Detailed instructions for refilling ink cartridges in canon

Power up and wait until your Canon printer is idle. Check the cartridge icon for the lights and make sure that the cartridge to refill is empty. Pull the output tray and the output tray expansion to fill up the canon. Open the front cover of the printer and wait until the cartridge holder moves to the place of a substitute. Touch the FINE holder of the cartridge until it stops.

Press the empty cartridge down to a place. The cartridge is released. Remove the cartridge and put it on a smooth towel. The cartridges may be leaked with ink. Get a canon kit of refill ink cartridges consisting of a tin bottle, syringe and thumb box. Fill in the syringe ink. Now discover the sponge region on the cartridge and the hole from the ink. Fill the sponge with a few inks to refill the cannon.

Screen the outlet hole with a band to avoid the ink leak after the canon cartridges have been refilled.

Now find a tiny color code underneath the cartridge. You’ll see a tiny circle with a bug. Drill the thumb box in the center of the dimple. Put the needle in the hole and fill the ink. Do not overfill the cartridges to refill the cannon.

Remove the needle of the syringe from the hole and put on a towel. Screw the hole with glue or hot wax. You can also use a sealing electric tape. Remove the tape from the sponge region.

Restore the recharged ink cartridge to the printer and close the front cover. Run a cleaning cycle after the cartridge has been installed. Give the sponge all fresh tin cartridges. Now align the print head to refill the cannon with the steps below.

Make sure the input tray contains enough paper. Press the STOP button four times to print a printhead alignment sheet until the Alarm light is blinked. Lift the lid of the scanner and place the plate on the glass. Close the deck and then click Black. The printer scans the page and automatically adjusts the printhead position. After the alignment is complete, the ON lamp will be lit. Remove the sheet from the glass scanner for canon filling.

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