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The Canon Wireless Printers can be linked to a wireless network using how canon wireless printer steps can be linked. Turn on and move to the Wi-Fi button on your Canon printer. Connect the printer, computer, and network and then download the printer software and install it. Try printing with your printer.

Canon Wireless Printer Network Setup and WPS link technique

  1. Connect your Canon printer to an energy source that does not fluctuate.
  2. Turn your laptop and printer on.
  3. Check and make sure you have a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) that allows you to access a network without a password.
  4. Gather the password and network access.
  5. Connect the secured wireless network to your printer and laptop.
  6. Download the manufacturer’s printer driver software.
  7. Install the software that you download and make sure it supports your laptop.
  8. Try printing or scanning with your Canon printer.

Connection of a Canon Printer to a wireless network

Connect your printer to a fluctuating electric outlet to work on how to connect the Canon Wireless Printer. Turn your laptop and printer on. Ensure you have a secured Wi-Fi connection before linking your printer and computer wireless network. Some access points, such as routers and hubs feature a “WPS” button (stands for a protected Wi-Fi setup).

The WPS enables you to connect your printer to a safe and secure network. You can only access the network with a password. Make sure your Canon printer is turned on and the WPS button on the router can be accessed and pressed if required.

If the printer has no touch interface, attach the following measures to the network. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on your printer until the ON lamp flashes. Then click Wi-Fi and the data page for the network will be printed. The printout shows that the network link is active to guarantee you have active network access.

If you have a touch interface on your printer, then press the Home button, swipe to the left and press the WLAN icon. Then, press on the Wireless LAN configuration to flash blue light to enable wireless link. Now the printer searches for access points supporting the WPS function automatically.

Press and hold down the WPS button and press OK to connect to the access point on the printer within 2 minutes. The message “Connected to the access point” is displayed on the screen. Tap OK to finish the installation process.

Tap the Standard Setup option and enter a network password if you use a normal network installation, then tap Apply and OK to finish the network setup. Search the driver software for your printer on the Canon Site by entering the printer template after accessing the wireless network. Download and install your computer’s printer driver software.

If an error persists after installing the driver, use the tool for scanning and diagnosing the mistake. You can either contact client assistance or search for the Canon printer manual for how to connect a canon wireless printer. Upon successful completion of the configuration, attempt printing or scanning using your printer.

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