How to connect canon mg3620 printer to WIFI

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How to connect canon mg3620 printer to WIFI

You can connect your computer via a Wi-Fi network with the Canon MG3620 printer. Share this printer without the need to use wires with everyone in your home or office. Go to the next operation to wirelessly configure your printer and know how to link canon MG3620 to wireless.

How to connect Canon MG3620 wirelessly using printer’s control panel

  1. Hold on your Canon printer the Wi-Fi button until the light glows.
  2. Press the button Color and then tap the button Wi-Fi.
  3. Check whether the Wi-Fi is activated and the lamp stays lit.
  4. Install your printer driver and software to continue wireless configuration on your computer.
  5. Insert the CD drive installation disk.
  6. The installation program begins automatically.
  7. Successfully completed installation message is displayed on the screen.
  8. To complete configuration and begin printing, click Exit.

Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless Setup

To start wireless configuration, make sure you turn on the Canon Pixma MG3620 printer. When the unit is switched on, the lamp on the printer stays lit. Wait for the Canon printer to finish the cleaning, printhead alignment or other processes before beginning and work on connecting canon mg3620 to wireless internet.

To switch off the flashing Wi-Fi lamp, press the Stop button on the Canon printer. Select a link technique for setting up a printer via a Wi-Fi network. The cableless configuration technique may take some time. The internet connection to the canon mg3620 printer cannot be connected to the wireless Internet during the wireless configuration.

Cable-free installation on Windows RT and Chrome operating systems is not accessible. Create wireless router data from your smartphone to the Canon Pixma MG3620 printer without the need to operate the access point. You need to operate the cable less installation program on your Windows or MAC computer.

The software installer for Windows and Mac is accessible on our website. Use the Canon PRINT Inkjet or SELPHY app to perform Wireless configuration on your Android and iOS devices, too. Learn more about how to use applications from our site with an Android or iOS device.

Hold on the printer the Wi-Fi button until the On light glows. Press the button Black and tap the button Wi-Fi. Check that the Wi-Fi light glows and the On light stays lit. Press the button on your wireless router in two minutes and make certain that the Wi-Fi and On lights stay lit, helping you connect the mg3620 canon to the Wi-Fi printer.

The WPS PIN technique can also be used to establish a wireless link. Press Wi-Fi until the lamp flashes. A wireless link configuration data page with the PIN code is printed. Press the Stop button for a long time and wait for the Alarm light to blink seventeen times.

Release the 16th Flash Stop button. Go with the instructions on your smartphone’s screen to complete the setup. Set the code outlined in the printed wireless router (Network setup) page. Finally, make sure that the Wi-Fi light stays lit on the printer. This is the instruction for connecting mg3620 canon printer with wireless internet.

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