How To Connect Canon MG2922 Printer To WiFi

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The Canon mg2922 printer is a color inkjet printer with advanced specifications and features. It can be connected to Wi-Fi by using the wireless LAN connection by installing the CD from the CD-ROM. Ensure that the router is properly set before connecting to the network and also to perform on how to connect canon mg2922 printer to wifi.

Canon MG2922 Printer WiFi Connection Steps:

  1. Switch on the printer and make sure the green light is ON or not.
  2. Verify that the blue light flashes indicating Wi-Fi.
  3. Download and execute the file, then choose Next-> Wireless LAN Connection.
  4. Select Connect Access Point-> Next. You are looking for a wireless connection.
  5. When the blue light flashes, select Next.
  6. To proceed, select Cableless Setup-> Next.
  7. Select I Agree on the License Agreement declaration and continue clicking Next and lastly select Full.
  8. Choose Exit and connect your printer to Wi-Fi.

Canon MG2922 Wireless Connection Setup

Before you connect to the network, ensure that your web link is correctly set up and ensure that the computer is switched on. Connect the laptop to the network and know-how to wirelessly connect the mg2922 printer canon.

Locate and click the energy button on the printer. See the alarm lamps and ensure the output is on by looking at the green light that suggests the printer is on which the canon Pixma mg2922 printer is connected to the wifi.

Make sure the blue light blinks and the Wi-Fi connectivity is indicated. You can download the configuration file from your CD by using the CD-ROM and operate the file after it has been installed. Select Next, and select Next, then click Wireless LAN Connection.

Select Access Point Connection and select Next and click Next again. The program will automatically search for wireless links. Blue light flashes quickly when searching and the list of printers appears on the window. But when the network is first connected to the printer, it appears blank and works on connecting Canon Pixma mg2922 to the wireless Internet.

Unable to find Check Printer on the list, select Next to continue the installation. Continue selecting Next, and select Cableless Setup if the connection method is requested, and then click Next.

Please select I agree to the License Agreement and click Next to proceed. Press Next until you have completed the installation. Select Complete when the setup window appears for the wireless connection of Canon Pixma mg2922 printer.

Registration and optional survey appear and then you can choose to register and answer your survey and use our own time. Take a test printer and click Exit to finish your Canon mg2922 printer Wi-Fi connection and also succeed in connecting mg2922 printer to wi-fi.

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