How Do You Connect A Canon Printer To WiFi

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Connect Canon Printer To Wireless Network Easily

With a USB cable connection, the Canon printer can be linked to the Wi-Fi. Insert the CD in the drive and the software install and download. Then operate the configuration and connect the Canon printer to the Wi-Fi network and complete the task of connecting a Canon printer with the Wi-Fi.

Canon printer connection to Wi-Fi

  1. Insert the CD and install and operate the configuration.How-Do-You-Connect-a-Canon-Printer-To-Wifi
  2. Choose Next-> Wireless Connection-> Next-> Network Connection-> Cablesless Connection.
  3. Tap and hold on to the WiFi button until the orange lamp flashes and releases two times after the second flash.
  4. Choose the region and residence location and choose Next.
  5. Choose the software and Next.
  6. Choose the checkbox and tick I agree to the end-user license agreement.
  7. Choose Next for model printer and SSID.
  8. Connect the printer to the laptop through USB cable and choose the wireless network. Then select Yes-> Next-> Full to complete the process.

Steps for connecting Canon printer with Wi-Fi

  • To learn comprehensive alternatives for connecting a Canon printer to wireless Internet, start Windows, insert the CD in the printer and operate the configuration. If the first screen is displayed, pick Next. Verify that the energy source is on. Make sure the energy lamp is ON, too. Select Wireless Connect-> Next.
  • To connect to the network, select Connect. A screen is displayed and Cableless Setup is selected. When the connection is displayed via the wireless set-up screen, click the Wi-Fi button until the orange lamp lights up twice, and discharge after the second flash.
  • Make sure the blue Wi-Fi light instantly flashes and the green energy light is illuminated. Select Next.
  • Then select your region and pick Next. Select Residence Place and choose Next.
  • Then pick the software to install and pick Next. Choose Yes to agree to the contract for the end-user permit.
  • Select Next and the screen displays the printer model and the wireless network name (SSID).
  • Choose Full and select Network Connection Setup via USB. Select Next and connect the printer via USB cable to your desktop.
  • Once you have identified your printer, it will display the name of the access point your computer is attached to. If you need the printer to connect to the wireless network, choose Yes.

Then pick Next and choose Full to finish the installation with the guide of connecting a Canon printer to the wireless network.

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