123 HP 2540 series printer wifi password

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What is HP 2540 series printer wifi password?

Printers do not usually request a password. It only happens where a wireless device is connected. The HP Wireless Direct printing prompt for a password when the device is connected. Follow the steps below to get a wireless password for the HP 2540 series printer.

Steps to get the wireless direct password of HP Deskjet 2540

  1. Touch the icon of HP Wireless Direct on the printer control panel.
  2. To activate connection, go to the Network Set-up or the Wireless Settings.
  3. To enter the security passcode and touch Ok, select Enter or On for Security. Go to your mobile settings and enable wireless Internet access and select a printer model.
  4. On the printer control panel type the security passcode.
  5. Open the printed photo or document and tap Print on the App or Action menu.
  6. From the available printer list, select the model HP Deskjet 2540 and tap Print.
  7. Connect your mobile to the existing wireless network after printing.
hp 2540 series printer wifi password

123 HP Deskjet 2540 direct wireless password type or obtain from control panel

  • Switch on the printer control panel.
  • Tap the HP Wireless Direct icon in the printer’s control panel menu.
  • Navigate to the Setup Network or Wireless Settings menu and tap the Wireless Direct icon then turn on the connection.
  • To access a password, choose On or On with the security option when you have a connected wireless password HP 2540 series printer.
  • Note it down and then touch OK when the security password appears on the screen.
  • Go to your mobile device’s Settings menu and turn on your Wi-Fi, showing the list of devices available.
  • Make sure it’s within your device’s range if you don’t find your printer name and if not, close your device and printer.
  • Type the wifi password from the printer control panel of the HP 2540 series printer when necessary.
  • Click on the printable photo or document and then on the Apps menu or the Screen menu, click Print.
  • If the app you have is not supported by printing, download HP ePrint Mobile App from Apple or Google Play Store.
  • Select your HP Deskjet 2540 printer from the list of available printers from the menu and tap the Print icon.
  • Upon completion of the printing, reconnect your mobile device to a wireless network you regularly use for your wireless password printer series HP 2540.
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