How to get wifi password for HP Deskjet 2540?

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How to get wifi password for HP Deskjet 2540?

To connect the printer to your wireless network, you always need a password. Open HP Print and Scan Doctors to get all the information about your connected wireless network and learn how to get wireless password to HP Deskjet 2540. HP Print and Scan Doctor.

Download HP Print and Scan Doctors Easy steps to find your printer’s WiFi password

  • Click’ Yes’ in the Control User Account dialog box.
  • Select the Show Info tab and click the Wireless Configuration tab.
  • You must find the Network Key. The HP Wireless option is located on the side. Make the following steps to get the Windows OS password.
  • Open the tray icon for the wireless network and select Settings for the Change Adapter.
  • Select Wireless Properties to view the security key and click the Show Characters option.
how to get wifi password for hp deskjet 2540

Simple description of where to find your system and your printer with a Wi-Fi password Turn

  • Make sure the system is linked to the same wireless system.
  • Check that HP Print and Scan Doctor have been downloaded and installed on your computer system. You can get the wifi password for HP Deskjet 2540, if you haven’t already installed the application, download it from our website.
  • Open your computer’s Downloads folder. HPPSdr.exe file is double-click.
  • This dialog pops up with the Account Control Panel. Click Yes to allow the system modification tool. Wait until the extraction process is completed. To consent to the terms, click on the Accept tab, Click Network on the Menu Bar on the next screen to open.
  • You should choose the Show Advanced info option.
  • The Advanced Information Screen opens. Click Show Wireless Info now. You should select the Wireless Settings option. The network key or password on the Network Name side will be listed below the Network Key.
  • You now have to connect the printer via the key to the wireless network. On the Windows operating system, you can also view the network password. Right click on the Wi-Fi icon and select the Open Centre.
  • Select Settings of the Change Adapter and click on the name of the wireless network. Click the Wireless Properties option on the status.
  • To select a Show Character checkbox, press the Security tab. This now displays the network security key. Open the menu on the control panel of your printer Wireless Settings and choose the wireless setup wizard.. Do the prompts for a wireless network connection to the printer.
  • Provide the key when the control panel is promptly displayed.
  • Please refer to the manual on our website for further details. Contact our experts in case of problems, and they will help you to know how to obtain the HP Deskjet 2540 wireless password.
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