Why does my HP laptop not connect to WiFi

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HP Laptop Won’t be connecting to WiFi

HP laptops and computers are often exposed to the Wi-Fi connection problem. This can take place because of incorrect settings or technical errors. Do the following steps to solve the question of why my HP laptop does not connect to WiFi.

Resolve HP Laptop Wi-Fi Connection Problems Turn your laptop on and type Search troubleshot.

  • Click Fixing.
  • Select the Internet and network option and Internet connections.
  • In the Internet Connections, dialog box select Advanced and click Next.
  • Click Run as Admin and automatically select the checkbox Apply Repairs.
  • Click Fixed My Internet connection option and select Next. Click Fixed Follow the instructions.
  • If the problem continues, reinstall the wireless network.
  • Update the network drivers if the steps above have not solved the problem.
Why does my HP laptop not connect to WiFi

Detailed instructions for solving the WiFi connection problem on your HP Laptops

  • Power up your laptop, click in the Start menu and type’ troubleshooting‘ in your searches field.
  • Select Troubleshooting from the list of search results. Now, click on the option Network and Internet and Internet connections.
  • Select the Next option by clicking on the Advanced tab. Click on Run if you view the Run as admin option. Check the option’ Apply automatic repairs‘ and then select Next.
  • This opens the window for Internet links. Select the option’ Fix my Internet connection‘ Select. Try Internet connection. Continue to reinstall the wireless network if the problem on Why does not connect my HP laptop to wireless network persists.
  • To open all programs, click Start. Choose the option PC Help and Tools and click Recovery Manager. Choose the Next tab to open the re-installation software program screen. Following the Next option, click Yes.
  • Select the re-installation software and click Next. Once more click Next. You’ll receive a message to restart your computer if the re-installation succeeds.
  • Choose YES in the pop-up message. To restart your computer, click Finish. Try to reset the hardware if the problem continues. Power your laptop and, if you have a modem connected, disconnect the power cord from your wireless router.
  • Wait a while and plug the power cord back into the router. Ensure that the router lights are turned on. Turn on the laptop now and expect the Windows to connect automatically to your WiFi.
  • Check whether the wireless network is enabled by opening the Manager Network connections. Connect the computer and router with a cable if the problem persists. Open your laptop browser and enter the IP address of the printer in the address bar.
  • Provide a router SSID, WPA or WEP and create a password for your username and password. Try to wirelessly connect your laptop.
  • If your problem Why not connect my HP laptop to Wi-Fi is not solved, contact your manufacturer to receive service to your printer.
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