How to scan on canon pixma?

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How to Scan a Document in Canon Pixma Printer?

The next subjects describe how to scan on Canon Pixma. Using the operating panel or driver software of the printer, you can scan a document or picture. Follow the next measures on how to scan canon Pixma printers and execute them.

  • Quick and simple to scan on the printer’s Canon Printer Power by clicking the power button.
  • Touch the scan option on the Canon printer’s operating panel.
  • Use the left and correct entry buttons to use and select the sort of document.
  • Tap on the name of your computer.
  • If you use a USB cable to transfer the scanned information to your laptop, select the Auto Scan choice.
  • Use the Function button to set the settings.
  • Place the initial document on the plate glass to be scanned.
  • To begin the scanning process, press the Color or Black button.

A brief description of How to scan in Pixma printer?

If switched off, power the Canon Pixma printer. Connect your printer and laptop from Pixma. You can use either the wired or wireless technique to connect the equipment. The wireless link is produced on the operating panel of the printer using its choice. You can also connect to the printer cabinet using the USB cable.

how to scan on canon pixma

Touch the scan option on your printer’s operating panel. If you use a USB cable to connect the printer and computer, carry out the next measures. Choose your computer name and tap OK. Select USB and press the OK button.

If you use the network link to transfer the scanned information to your computer, when the display prompts, press the name of your PC. Use the arrows right and left and pick the document type. Using the USB cable, you can use the Auto Scan option to connect the equipment.

Use the Function button to change the scan settings. The configurations include the format of Size, Resolution and Data. To change the settings, use the up and down route keys. You can set settings such as Scan Size, Format, Scan Resolution, Preview, Reduce Slow-Through, Descreen, and Unsharp Mask on the printer control panel.

Open the plate glass access gate. Load onto the platen glass the initial document or picture to be scanned. Place the document facing down with the scan side. Close the access gate after loading the plate glass. Confirm the settings by pressing the Function button.

Finally, to initialize the scan method, click the Color or Black button. Choose the color scanning key and the black scanning button for black and white scanning. Based on the games set in the Canon IJ Scan Utility application, scanned information is shifted to the desktop.

Take the original from the platen glass after finishing the process of scanning on canon pixma. The program selection screen shows for Windows 8, 7 or Vista operating system after touching the Color or Black button. Tap Canon IJ Scan Utilities and tap OK. For Windows XP OS, under the Canon IJ Scan Utility application, click Always Use This Program For This Action.

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