How to Fix LAN Printer Connectivity Errors in Windows?

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How do I fix connectivity errors for LAN Printer on Windows?

Printer Problems In Windows

LAN Printer Connectivity

To resume productivity printing, try both problem solving steps in the bottom to print again if you can’t print from a network printer or connected printer using Ethernet cables. First, as explained, eliminate the probability of two causes.

If a printer is frozen, not connected or disconnected

The active network connection is marked with Crosscheck on the printer and green light behind it. If a printer in the local network is shared by physical cables with a different PC, it must be first and foremost operating on a Windows server screen. If it remains unreactive or frozen, reboot the printer to turn it on the network.

The PC not Connected to LAN

How To Fix A Printer That Wont Print

Enable Network Discovery

The Add Printer wizard shows in Devices and Printers only when the computer is connected with the LAN network. If you are trying to print on an office PC, check to see whether the cable link between the PC and the Ethernet port of the printer is connected to LAN. When you try to print from a remote network, you can make sure that a VPN connection between a remote PC and the system is established.

Enable Network Discovery

This Windows network setting influences whether the server PC finds other system or whether other PCs or devices can find the server PC in the Windows network. But a remote user can not find the available printers in their network if Network Discovery is deactivated. Click Start on desktop and enter the Network and Share Center to open it to allow it in Windows. When the Control Panel window is opened, click the Modify Advanced Sharing Settings top left and expand the Current profile. Choose Turn Network Discovery and click Save Changes on Windows prompts under the heading Network profile.

In the same way, file sharing and printer sharing are enabled on the printer server so that other PCs can access the server-based printer drivers installed. To do so, activate the Network and Sharing Center file and printer sharing, and click Save Changes immediately. No one else can connect to or view server printers, including LAN printers, unless the feature is enabled.

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