How to Troubleshoot Network Printer Offline Error on Windows 7

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Troubleshoot Network Printer Offline Error on Windows 7

Network Printer Offline Error

Network Printers installed on Windows 7 are seen to be offline even though some other network devices can access the printer. The reason for this off-line printer problem relates to the status of the enabled Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). In order to find out if a device has any problem, SNMP monitors and receives information from network appliances like routers, printers, servers, etc.

Most network devices are supported by SNMP and provide answers for queries with the relevant query information. However, this particular protocol is not used by all network devices to communicate and connect. If your printer does not run SNMP, but other users do send a printer query over the protocol, the status of the network printer will appear offline.

The network printer in Windows 7 is easy to fix or workaround. In layman terms, the protocol needs to be disabled to bypass it and to set the network printer status. To make the printer offline fix, follow the steps below.

Printer Offline Fix
  • Select Properties
  • Click and Select Port option
  • Under that Deselecting the SIMP status checkbox is turned on within the new window

However, if you can find no options, you must have installed a printing printer with a setup file in Windows 7, not over a TCP / IP port. Select the configuration port option. In this section, the SIMP is the most important option. Follow the following steps on every network computer, if you do not share it from a server system, to add the printer to that port in each of them.

How To Turn Printer Online
  • Right-click on the Devices and Printer printer icon and
  • Select Properties Click on the option starting with Add Port Double-click on Standard TCP / IP Port
  • In the wizard that appears afterwards, click Next Key on the IP address and proceed to setup.
  • Select the Generic Network Card and select Next Click
  • Finish Click Ports
  • Double-check dialog box.
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