123 HP Laserjet p4015 Duplex Printing

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123 HP Laserjet p4015 Duplex Printing

The HP Laserjet p4015 printer offers the possibility to print duplex printing on both the pages of a document. Automatic and manual printing can be done by the HP Laserjet p4015 Duplex Printing.

Solutions on how to print with the Laserjet printer Load enough paper on the main input channel. Load a large amount of paper

  • Open the printable document and choose the menu File.
  • Click Print and, if necessary, select Show Details.
  • Select and locate the option on two sides.
  • Select Layout in the Print tab and mark the checkbox.
  • From the two-sided tab select the Binding option and click Print.
  • Remove from the output tray the first printed pages.
  • In the input tray, place the pages and click “Further.”

Best procedures for duplex printing using Laserjet p4015 printer

  • Place plates of A 4 in the main input table to overcome the page ordering problems, with the best procedures for duplex printer using laserjet p4015.
  • Test for installation of Toner Cardboards.
  • Windows: Document open and menu File selection. Select Print and choose a Laserjet p4015 printer name. Printing option.
  • Open the Printer Preference or Document Properties window by clicking the Printer Properties, Preferences or Printer Setup option.
  • Verify the presentation of a shortcut printing tab and then click Printing or Printing on both sides (HP Laserjet p4015 Duplex Printing). Choose the Finishing, Layout or Features tab if the duplexing menu is not available.
  • Select the Print option for both sides and choose Bind or Flip page.
  • Click Print to select the OK button. Please remove the first pages printed from the output tray and tap on a even surface. Introduce the first pages printed in the input panel and press Continue to print other pages.
  • Mac: Use the manual duplexing method if your Laserjet printer does not support the automatic duplexing feature. Verify your printer’s type of paper tray and click on the option Paper Handling at the center of a screen.
  • Choose Odd from the Pages to Print only and select reverse or automatic option based on the model of your Laserjet printer. Remove the strange pages in the output tray and load them to the ingot tray after the print job has been completed.
  • Return to the Print window and select Even Only. Select the print option by clicking Normal Mode.
  • Smartphones: Download your mobile HP Smart app. Open the application and click Home Print. Select the Print Document and select the document to be printed. Select your printer, Click-> More Settings-> HP Laserjet p4015 Duplex Printing–> OK-> Print.
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