Install Kodak Printer Software On Mac

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It is not a hard job to install the Kodak Printer Software on a Mac system. After the hardware has been set up and the ink cartridges installed, the next step is to link to the preferred network with the appropriate printer software. The file format of the driver differs according to the operating scheme. Most ancient drivers have a.dmg file to install and the most recently installed drivers are an application that facilitates installation. The following steps allow you to quickly install Kodak printer software on Mac.

Quick steps To download Kodak Driver Check for excellent network connectivity on your Mac system

  • Open your Mac system browser.
  • Search for the operating system-compatible printer driver.
  • Click the Download button or Save key next to the driver file selected.
  • Insert your system setup CD along with your printer package.
  • Please submit the contents of your CD to a USB drive if you use the new Mac OS.
  • To start the setup process, double-click on the.dmg driver file.
  • Update the printer driver firmware to perform the printer tasks for an interrupted service.

Detailed steps to install your Mac device on the Kodak Printer driver

Step 1: Drivers allow interaction between two devices. First, check whether the installation process is performed with excellent network connectivity. During the installation process, remove any connections made with your printer and the system.

Step 2: Double-click on the printer driver file that you downloaded. The driver format is in the.dmg format. The KODAKAiOPrinter Installation Wizard opens when you click on the Kodak Driver File. There will be two choices like Install Printer and Uninstall Printer. You can install Kodak printer software entirely on mac or view the contents of the driver package.

Step 3: If only certain printer features are required, operate and install the same by choosing the files required. Now you must click the Install Printer option right-click. Click the Show Content Package option. Select the Contents or Resources option for AiOInstaller.

Step 4: Menu names could differ from printer model to operating system. Right-click the folder name again and pick the Show Content Package option. The content of the package is noticeable on the screen of your Mac system.

Step 5: Find the file “Kodak AiO Printer Driver.pkg.” To start the installation process, double-click on the package. You can also run and install the driver packages needed on your Mac machine. Following this process, you can install Kodak Printer Software on mac and driver firmware without any problem for selected printer functions.

Step 6: If you choose to run and fully install a printer driver, press the Install Software option and follow the prompts on the screen. After the driver firmware has been completed, press the Finish button and start performing functions with your Kodak printer.

Step 7: Click on your system’s Apple icon. Option System Preferences and select’ Print and Scan’ option or’ Printers and Scanners ‘ option. See if your Kodak printer can be viewed on the device list.

Step 8: To open your Print browser, press Plus symbol (+) if you are not able to locate your printer on the list. Wait until the Kodak printer is identified by your Mac system. When your Mac system identifies your printer, use the printer to execute the printer tasks.

Step 9: Check if your Kodak printer is attached to the direct power socket. Use the real ink cartridges with your Kodak printer. Load the printer sheets that your printer recommends.

Step 10: Use your Kodak printer to effectively perform the printer functions, setting it as the default printer, once Kodak printer software on mac has been successfully installed.

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