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The following subjects explain how to alter the ink in Canon printer. Ink cartridges are substituted when the ink of the cartridges is below or empty. An error message is displayed on the printer control panel in order to replace the cartridge.

A quick method to substitute the Canon printer ink cartridge

  1. Ensure that the Canon printer is activated. Open the production paper tray.
  2. Head up the scan door on top of the printer.
  3. Wait until the holder of the Fine Cart slides to the substitute place.
  4. Take out the vacuum ink cartridge.
  5. Unpack a fresh ink cartridge and remove the protective ribbons.
  6. Place the cartridge in the holder and close the cover.
  7. Ensure that the cartridge cover is correctly locked.
  8. Close the scan deck and finish the substitution process.

How to change Ink Cartridge in Canon Printer

A replacement of ink cartridges can be carried out when an error message appears in the printer or computer display control panel. The message happens when the ink in the cartridges is below or any problems with the ink are removed before working on changing the ink in canon printers. The message is sent.

Before you start the replacement process, you can check the ink level. The level is controlled with a control panel in your desktop or laptop for your Canon printer or driver software. The fresh cartridges can be bought from the producer’s shop. Implement the following instructions to replace the cartridge after purchase.

Canon printer power when it is switched off. Raise the printer’s paper production tray. Open the top lid of the scanner. Now the holder of the cartridge is moving into place. Wait for the cartridge to settle. Do not touch the cartridge as you move.

Lift the ink cartridge locking cover. Remove the replacement cartridge. Give the ancient cartridges carefully to get rid of strains. Maintain ancient cartridges for recycling aside. Take a fresh tin cartridge and remove it and peel the orange tapes.

Do not shake the cartridge as it breaks out and generates strains. Never paste back the protective tape after it has been removed. Make sure that the cartridge does not touch electric contacts or print head nozzles. Insert the fresh ink cartridge in its holder. Set the color disc to the left and black to the right at the slot.

Close the cartridge cover and lock it. Push the cartridge gate down to click. Make sure the cartridges are correctly locked after closing. Make sure that both cartridges are fitted. Lift the scanning lid slightly to set its original position. Close the scan door and hold it strongly.

After replacing the ink cartridges, the Canon printer automatically begins cleaning the printer head. Do not print until the Canon printer finishes printhead cleaning. Adjust its position if the printhead is misaligned. For more data on how to change the canon printer ink, please refer to the instructions in the Canon printer handbook.

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