How to Configure a Windows 7 PC for Bluetooth Printing?

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How to Set Up Bluetooth printing In Windows 7 PC

Common Printer Issues

Bluetooth printers provide an easy way to send and print Bluetooth-enabled documentation. Even if your computer has not Bluetooth, it is possible to enable it in one USB slots by adding a Bluetooth dongle. Then enable Bluetooth to install the accompanying software on your PC and add a compatible printer to that computer to start printing. This means you can still print documents through Bluetooth if your printer goes offline because of wired connection problems.

You must pair a discoverable device with the PC to enable Bluetooth printing and file sharing. Use the steps below to set the computer as you can find it to nearby Bluetooth devices. This way, you can count on Bluetooth connectivity to help resolve your printer problems on Windows 7.

  • Search in the search box for devices and printers and open that by clicking the Start button on the desktop
  • Under Devices, right-clicking on Windows PC and select Bluetooth settings from the pop-up menu in the next Control Panel window.

In the next Bluetooth Settings dialog, you can insert the Bluetooth-enabled system tick mark on the checkbox, under Discovery. In other words, other Bluetooth devices must allow you to find your computer, so select the respective options.

Now combine your tablet or mobile devices to send print jobs into your system. To do so, navigate to or switch to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile phone, make it visible or visible to nearby Bluetooth devices and select the computer Bluetooth from available devices. If this prompts you to type a pair passkey, tap the pair option on both ends and the Bluetooth pair is completed in a couple of seconds. The key will be matched.

To add a discoverable printer in the device list of the computer, do this:

  • Navigate to Devices and Printers, as above. To add a discoverable printer in the computer lists.
  • Then, in the Control Panel window, click Add the printer button and in the next dialog, select Bluetooth print. Windows searches a detectable unit and displays it in the dialog box, when the Bluetooth-enabled printer is on.
Hardware And Sound
  • Click on the printer and follow the instructions and you will be nice to go.
Add A Device

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