How to change ink cartridge canon Pixma mg2520

by Printer Expert

If the printer’s control panel shows any other ink or mistake, the light alarm will flicker on the printer. This shows that there is an error in the cartridges of the printer. Detect the number of flashes and take the necessary action after the mistake has occurred.

Use the ink cartridge replacement operation for Canon Pixma mg2520

  1. Find the Power button on the printer and click it softly to turn it on.
  2. Pull the output tray and its expansion unit. Unlock the gate of the ink cartridge.
  3. Make sure the cartridges move to the place of the substitute.
  4. Make sure you don’t touch electric contacts or printhead nozzles.
  5. Remove the ink cartridge and instantly replace it with a fresh one.
  6. The installation of a used cartridge can trigger obstructions in the pins.
  7. Insert the tin cartridges in position until they snap-in.

Use the steps below to change the Canon Pixma mg2520 ink cartridge

To turn the printer on, use the energy button on the control panel of the printer. Drag and extend the output tray. Raise the cover. Make sure you don’t stop or move the holder forcibly. Remove the holder stains. Make sure you do not touch the cartridge’s electrical contacts.

If the cover is left open on the printer for more than 30 minutes, the cartridge can move and the alarm light flashes. Close the cover and open it again in these cases. Drag in the slot the ink cartridge. Purchase and remove the fresh ink cartridge from the package.

Remove the protective tape on top of the cartouche. Install in your slots the fresh ink cartridges. Put the color button in the left-hand corner and the black cartridge in the correct hand corner. Make sure the cartridges do not touch the electrical contacts of the holder when inserted.

Move up and down the cartridges until they snap in. Verify that the ink cartridges are correctly installed. Seal the cover. Take suitable measures if the alarm light flashes after the cover are closed. In some cases, during printing, the printer may make noise.

Align the printer head if the quality of the print is insufficient. Check whether the printer is enabled. Insert simple paper sheets into the input tray. Pull the output tray. If the alarm light blitzes, press the Stop button and release the button immediately. Wait until the sheet is printed.

The printhead sheet must be scanned to adjust the printhead position. Keep the sheet on the platter. Place the sheet on the bottom of the glass with the printed side facing down. The process finish is stated by a stable ON light on the control panel of the printer.

Take the sheet out of the platter after taking the step. Make sure that the position of the paper on the glass is not changed until the printhead is ready. An orange alarm light will be displayed on the printer control panel if the process is incomplete.

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