HP Officejet pro 8500a prints blank pages

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If the printing machine has a very low ink level, the HP Officejet pro 8500a imprints blank pages. A critically low ink ink cartridge needs to be replaced. The problem can also be caused by a faulty incoming ink cartridge.

Quick Steps HP Officejet Pro 8500a Prints Blank Pages Resolve

  1. Use authentic printer model compatible ink cartridges.
  2. Check the estimated level of ink on the ink cartridge.
  3. Substitute a new one for the ink cartridges.
  4. Align the ink cartridges to obtain the best print quality.
  5. Use the automated tool to wip the print head Find and replace the problem ink cartridge.
  6. Try printing in backup mode

Replace HP Officejet Pro 8500a Prints A Blank Page

Drop blank paper into the sheet of paper. Change the paper width guides on the input panel to their size. Tap the Minus button next to the Icon Setup.

Tap OK and click on the Tools link. Select the Estimated Tin Level alternative and tap OK. Replace the ink cartridge with a new one if the ink level is very low.

To trigger, push the Power button on the HP printer. Raise the door of the cartridge. Refrain until the cartridge becomes dead.

To open it, click the top of the cylinder. Drop the ink cartridge from the opening. Make sure you don’t touch copper contacts or ink nozzles to solve the HP Officejet pro 8500a print blank pages.

Place the ink cartridge on each side with the printer nozzles and mount the cartridge in your holes. Make sure the adapter icon matches the button slot.

Place the three-color ink cartouche on the right side of the port and the black ink cartouche on the right side of the panel. Place the capsule in your slot and place until it pops.

Close the door. Close the door. If the printer head is blocked, run an automated printing head cleaner.

Pack plain paper sheets into the input tray. Click Setup on the control panel’s left corner. Click Tools-> All right. Press Clean Printhead and tap OK. The cleaning process should begin on the printer. See the print quality test tab. Wash the printer head many times if the result is unsatisfactory.

To substitute the issue ink cartridge with a new one. Display the test page you posted. If you look at black texts on a screen, the issue is the black cartridge.

The issue is the tri-color ink cartridge if you display some color text on the tab.

If you need to print instantaneously and the print quality is not a problem, you can easily print blank pages on the backup mode by fixing HP Officejet pro 8500a prints.

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