HP Officejet 4650 duplex printing

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How to Enable duplex printing In HP Officejet 4650 Printer [solved]

The Duplex printing function is supported by the HP Officejet 4650

Keep the paper and time with the duplex print function. Two kinds of manual and automatic printing techniques are available. Automatic duplex printing is supported by the printer. Please read the following steps to begin the printing process for HP Officejet 4650.

Please insert sufficient quantities of paper into the input tray to help print duplex printing from HP Officejet 4650 printer.

  • For a safe alignment, slide the paper width guides.
  • To print your system, open a document or photo.
  • On top of the menu bar, select the File menu. Click Print. Click Print.
  • From the list of devices available, select the printer name.
  • Choose Printer Properties or Printer Setup on the basis of the model printer.
  • Wait for a Windows system to display a Print Preferences window.
  • Enable the Print on both sides option when the shortcut tab is available.
  • To begin the printing process, click Print.

 Develop steps for HP Officejet 4650 duplex printing?

hp Officejet 4650 duplex printing
  • Use the respective power button to switch on the printer and system. For connecting your printer to your system, use a USB cable. Open the input tray for enough paper to be inserted.
  • To print the system, select a document and/or photo. Click File above the application’s menu bar. From the download menu, select Print. The list of printers you can see is displayed.
  • From the list of available devices, select a printer name. Click Properties or Setup of the printer based on the printer model. Refrain from going on until you display the window of Document properties.
  • If you can see the Print Shortcuts tab, view and click Print at both sides. Select Layout features if the option is unavailable. For HP Officejet 4650 duplex printing, find the Print option on both sides.
  • To readability, click Binding or Flip page. Choose OK-> Print. Print.
  • Please leave the output tray on the printed side page. Insert the page in the input tray on the printed side. Insert stacked side facing up if the printer has front loading papers.
  • Continue to touch and on the other side of the printed pages. You can also start the scanning process with the HP Smart App. On the Windows search tab, type HP Smart. Search and set up the app.
  • On the app’s home screen, select Print. Select the name of the printer from the device list. To print duplexes, tap More Settings->. Click OK-> Print. Print.
  • Specify the two-sided option in the Print Dialog screen for a Mac system. The printer is compatible with the Automatic Duplexing option if the Two-sided option is visible.
  • Select Layout and from the menu select a binding option. Click Print. Click Print. Take the printed sheets on the output panel and print HP Officejet 4650.
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