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How to HP Printer Maintenance?

We ensure your printers run efficiently and consumers have been raving about our consistent support and services. Printers should be taken good care of to get an elongated life. Service your printer to avoid intermittent paper jams, connectivity issues and more. Enjoy the multiple functionalities of your wholesome and flexible printer maintenance.

How to hp printer maintenance for Windows?

For excellent and proper functioning of any gadget, proper maintenance is required. This is also done to ensure that the constant running of the device is not affected or altered.

Step 1: Constant maintenance can also detect possible malfunctions and minor repairs. Many people tend to neglect printer maintenance due to their perception that a printer is just a simple machine.

  • Make sure you do not touch the scanner window with your finger. Do not use isopropyl alcohol to clean the scanner window.
  • Turn off your printer and lift the document cover. Remove any document that is left behind on the scanner glass.
  • Spray isopropyl alcohol on a lint free cloth and the cloth should be lightly damp. Clean the scanner glass and the white flim with the damp lint free cloth.
  • Keep the document cover open until the scanner bed drys.Lift the ADF unit and remove any document that is left behid in the feeder.
  • Use the damp lint free cloth and clean the white bar and glass strip. Wait until the ADF unit dry and then you can load the documents.

Step 2: Printer maintenance is an easy job and does not require the intervention of someone with special skills to do it, unlike some other aspects of maintenance where especially skilled personnel are required.

  • Make sure that you do not use isopropyl alcohol to remove dust and dirt from your printer’s control panel. It may cause a crack on the panel.
  • Turn off your printer. Wait for a few minutes for your printer to cool down as some internal parts may be extremely hot.
  • In order to clean the inside of your printer, open the scanner cover. Remove the drum unit assembly from the printer.
  • Wipe the electrical contacts with isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab and wipe the gears with a clean dry cloth.
  • Gently wipe the scanner window and the toner sensor with a clean dry cloth and do not use isopropyl alcohol to clean these parts.

Step 3: To achieve best desired outcomes and results the printer maintenance must be done effectively on a routine basis. It entails the aspects such as calibration, cleaning and replacement of defective parts.

  • Handle the drum unit with care as it contains toner. If the toner scatters and your clothes get dirty, immediately wash it off with cold water.
  • It is recommendable to place the drum unit on a drop cloth or disposable paper to avoid scattering and spilling toner.
  • Turn the drum unit upside down and carefully clean the primary corona wire inside the drum unit.
  • To clean the primary corona wire gently slide the tab from right to left several times. Return the tab to Home position.
  • Printed pages may have vertical stripes, if the tab is not returned to Home position. Reinstall the drum unit and close the scanner cover.

How to hp printer maintenance for Mac?

Performing regular maintenance will ensure it is in proper working order when you need it and will prolong its life. Printer maintenance tasks take a little time, but they are simple and require no or little expense.

Step 1: Changing the cartridge is a maintenance activity that anyone who possesses a printer must come across. The cartridge will run out of ink in the due course of time and hence the requirement for a fresh replacement is quite important.

  • Check the estimated ink level on your printer’s control panel or on your printer’s software. Open the cartridge access door.
  • Remove the cartridge that is out of ink. Unpack a new cartridge from its package. Hold it by its sides and insert it into the cartridge holder.
  • Make sure the cartridge snaps firmly in its place. Close the cartridge access door and align the ink cartridge.
  • On your printer’s control panel, select Align the printhead option. The printer will align the cartridge and will print an alignment page.
  • Load the cartridge alignment page face down on the scanner glass. Lower the scanner lid, and then press OK.

Step 2: Clean the outside of the printer, regularly cleaning the outside of the printer helps prevent dirt and grime from making its way inside the printer where it can do damage.

  • Remove all the documents from the input tray, output tray, ADF and scanner bed. Use a damp lint-free cloth to clean all these places.
  • Clean if there is any paper debris in the roller feed area. Clean the main and pressure rollers with a damp paper towel.
  • Open the printer and check for any jammed paper in the inside of the printer. Use a cloth and wipe the dust and debris inside the printer.
  • Disconnect the power cord and USB cable or Ethernet cable (if used). Reset the printer to factory settings.
  • Reconnect the power cord and connect the printer to the local network. Use any printer cleaning utility to automatically clean the printer.

Step 3: Contact your printer’s manufacturer or an office supply store to find a cleaning kit available for your printer model. The kit should include lens covers, wipes, lubrication for the rods and rollers and instructions.

  • Remove all the cartridges from your printer and place them on a paper towel with the ink nozzle pointing upward.
  • Lift up to remove the printhead. Dampen a clean, lint-free cloth and then wipe the electrical contact area on the printhead.
  • Use a damp lint-free cloth to wipe any accumulated debris or ink from the edge between the nozzles and the contacts.
  • Use a dry lint free cloth to wipe the previously cleaned areas. Clean the electrical contacts inside the printer.
  • Reinstall the printhead and then slide each cartridge into its empty slot until it snaps securely into place.
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