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123.hp.com/envy5540 Printer Setup & Installation

123 HP Envy 5540 Setup Printer Configuration

If you have a 123 HP Envy 5540 printer that supports ePrint, then the printer is worth considering. The good news is, this 123.hp.com/envy5540 printer supports ePrint and allows you to print straight from your smartphone. The printer fits perfectly for your home office.

Get all your print jobs done swiftly with the 123 HP Envy 5540 printer. The printer prints out all your documents and photos without the hassle of connecting any cables.

123.hp.com/envy5540 Setup Printer Features

123 HP Envy 5540 ePrint

The HP ePrint allows you to print wirelessly from your smartphone and other wireless devices. Avail the cool solution to print straight away from your Smartphone.

123 HP Envy 5540 Wireless Printing

Though you have numerous printer features, having a wireless printer serves all your needs precisely. Here you go! The exceptional 123.hp.com/envy5540 printer is in your hands through which you can print without the necessity of cables.

123 HP Envy 5540 Print Service Plugin

Looking for a printer that does not require any additional print drivers to print? Here, you have the Envy 5540 printer with HP Print Service Plugin as a supported feature. Print from anywhere using your Android devices.

123.hp.com/envy5540 Mobile Printing Setup

123 HP Envy 5540 Airprint Setup

AirPrint is an exceptional feature with which you can print a document or a photo from an Apple device by connecting your HP compatible printer to a wireless network. If you are using an HP AirPrint compatible printer that contains wireless features, then these instructions help you set up AirPrint.

123 HP Envy 5540 ePrint Setup

HP ePrint is a cloud-based service that generates prints easily from your Android, Smartphone or Tablets. Print from anywhere with a live Internet connection. You can email the document or photo you need to print directly to the 123 HP ePrint enabled printer.

123 HP Envy 5540 Cloud Print Setup

Google Cloud Print allows you share printers with just a click. Any type of app when connected to a web-connected device, can use Cloud Print. You can connect a 123.hp.com/envy5540 printer to your Google Cloud Print account and start printing on it. Handling printers and print jobs in Cloud-ready printers is simple.

123.hp.com/envy5540 Latest Driver & Manual Download

123 HP Envy 5540 Driver

Download the Updated Printer Driver:

  • Avail the latest version of the printer driver from 123.hp.com/envy 5540 us within seconds.
  • Click the link to download 123 HP Envy 5540 for Windows and Mac compatible printer.

123.hp.com envy 5540 Manual

Download the Easy Procedural Guide:

  • Our easy step-by-step instructions help you 123.hp.com/envy5540 setup and troubleshoot printer on your own.
  • Click the link to download the user manual for your corresponding 123 HP Envy 5540.

123 HP Envy 5540 Printer Quick Tips

  • If you ever have problems with printing, reboot your printer.
  • Look through your printer manuals for detailed information.
  • If the ink in the ink cartridges dries up, replace the cartridges.
  • Save ink and paper by using the duplex printing feature on your printer.
  • 123 HP Envy 5540 Printer Troubleshooting
  • HP Printers – Fixing Copy Quality Issues

123.hp.com/envy5540 Printer Troubleshooting

HP Enby 5540 Fixing Copy Quality Issues

When you try to copy from the flatbed or automatic document feeder (ADF), quality problems might befall on the printouts, such as vertical or horizontal lines, color bands, or poor pixel resolution. Resolve the issue by performing the instructions in the order presented.

Step 1: Clean the scanner

Fingerprints, smudges, dust, or fragments that are existent on the scanner glass, below the scanner lid, or in the automatic document feed slot will result in lines and color bands in the printout. Clear these parts using a soft, lint-free swab sprayed with glass cleaner.

Step 2: Clean the Automatic Document Feeder rollers

Dirt or paper that remain on the rollers or separator pad inside the automatic document feeder (ADF) can ensue in copy quality issues. Open the document feeder, and then clean the rollers and separator pad in it.

  • Displace the original document from the Automatic Document Feeder.
  • Switch off the 123.hp.com/envy5540 printer. Ratify that you detach the power cable from the printer.
  • Open the ADF cover to clean the paper pick rollers and the separator pad inside the ADF.
  • Make sure you use a clean grease-free swab to clean the paper pick rollers and the separator pad inside the ADF.
  • Then, close the ADF cover.
  • Replace the original document in the document feeder tray.
  • Reconnect the power cable into the printer and then turn on the printer.

Try to copy a photo or document and if the issue persists, you can carry on to the next step.

Step 3: Modify the copy settings

To enhance the copy quality, you can change the copy settings. Only a few printers have the option to modify copy quality settings and several printers have more or fewer quality options.

  • Press the Copy button on the printer’s control panel.
  • If required, touch the Settings button and then locate to the Quality or Optimization If either setting is not accessible or cannot be accessed, you can skip to the next step.
  • Improve the quality of your copied document by modifying any of the following settings:
    • Reduce/Enlarge: The size of the copy can be reduced or enlarged by varying this option.
    • Lighter/Darker or Contrast: Tune the contrast of the text or image.
    • Optimize or Enhancements: To optimize for photos, text, or mixed, you can change this setting.
    • Draft Mode: You can turn on Draft Mode for high speed but this results in low print quality.
    • Quality: Change the copy quality to Best, Normal, or Draft for improved quality.
  • Touch the Back icon or select OK to get back to the main screen.
  • Place the original document or photo, then try copying a file.

If the quality of the copied file persists to appear poor, continue to the next step. For more information, you can refer our user-friendly manual.

Step 4: Change the paper settings

Sometimes, the paper type and size in the input tray may not match the paper type and size settings on the printer’s control panel; this may result in copy quality issues.

  • Touch the Setup or Settings button on the printer’s control panel.
  • Select Paper Setup, and then choose paper size.
  • Choose the paper size that is in the input tray, and then touch the OK
  • Try copying a file.

If the quality of the copied file persists to appear poor, continue to the next step.

Step 5: Reset the HP printer

Resetting the printer can clear copy quality problems.

  • Remove the items that are present on the scanner glass and automatic document feeder (ADF), and then close the scanner lid.
  • Keeping the printer in an ON state and disconnect the power cable from the printer.
  • Hold on for a few minutes and the plug the power cable back into the printer.
  • Place the original document or photo, then try to copy again.

If the quality of the copied file persists to appear poor, continue to the next step.

Step 6: Service the printer

If the steps above did not work, service or replace your 123.hp.com/envy5540 Printer.

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