HP LaserJet p3015 printing blank pages

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A toner cartridge is given for an effective print on the HP LaserJet p3015 printer. If a error occurs with the toner cartridge, printing system or press media, the computer may send out blank pages. See the steps below to fix this blank pages error in HP LaserJet p3015.

HP LaserJet P3015 Printer Resolving Blank Page Printing Issue

  1. Open the rear panel of the HP LaserJet p3015 printer and check the toner cartridge.
  2. Open the back panel and test the HP LaserJet p3015 printer’s toner cartridge.
  3. Make sure you have genuine, toner cartridges certified by the manufacturer on your printer.
  4. Test if the toner is empty to begin printing and substitute for it.
  5. Search for any damage to the copper contacts on the toner. If so, opt for a new one for the toner.
  6. Ensure before installation that the protective film is removed on the toner.
  7. See for any toner or printhead nozzles to get blogs or bocks.
  8. See if you use the right print media for the same print job.

Detailed Steps To Resolve The Blank Page Printing Issue On The HP LaserJet P3015 Printer

Check whether the HP LaserJet p3015 printer is powered on and is connected to a direct power supply. Power supply issues affect the printhead and hence it is always safe to avoid connecting to any external or additional power supply components and resolve HP LaserJet p3015 printing blank pages.

Open the toner door to get access to the toner region. Ensure that a toner cartridge is installed in the device. If not install one immediately.

Remove the existing toner cartridges from the slot. Remove the dry or empty toner cartridges and replace them with new ones. See if the toner cartridge that is installed is of genuine quality.

Ensure that the toner is not damaged and there is no leakage in it. Ensure if the toner cartridges are inserted in the perfect slot. Ensure that the protective tape over the copper contacts is peeled off.

Check the nozzles of the toner cartridges for any block or disturbance due to foreign objects. Remove the clogs in the nozzle by wiping with a clean lint-free cloth or a paper towel. Ensure that you are not using refilled toner cartridges, to prevent the occurrence of printer issues.

Power off the device and examine the printhead. Check for any damages or clogs in the printhead nozzle and clean it immediately. Do not pour too much water or unauthorized cleaning materials inside the printer.

Printing a different document or a test page from the same source. Check whether the connection between the printer and the personal device is stable.

Ensure that the inserted print media is supported by the printer and is appropriate for the print job.

Update the firmware of the HP LaserJet p3015 printer to the newest version by downloading from our website.

Perform a complete reset of the printer and its components and try printing again. If the HP LaserJet p3015 printing blank pages issue persists, reach out to our expert team for quick assistance.

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