How to install Canon printer?

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For accessing all printer characteristics from your desktop and how to install canon printers, the printer driver is crucial. The Canon printer driver can be mounted on or downloaded from the setup CD. The driver comes with sophisticated features software packages.

Quick guide for Canon Printer Installation

  1. Insert your computer’s installation disk.
  2. Run the setup file and continue to follow the instructions until the installation is complete.
  3. Click the connection below to download if the driver is inconsistent.
  4. Open the folder Downloads and double-click the.exe file to run it. Double-click the.dmg file if you are a Mac user.
  5. Select a link technique and click Next.
  6. Connect your laptop to the printer.
  7. Continue to install according to the instructions on the screen.
  8. Select and click Next to select the software that you want to install.

Detailed instructions for Canon Printer Installation

Make sure that the hardware configuration of the printer is complete. Disconnect from the printer any USB or Ethernet cable. Insert the setup CD into the hard drive of the computer and operate the setup files. Follow the installer’s instructions until the setup is complete and you should be able to install canon printer before you do so.

  • If the driver is inconsistent or obsolete, pick the download connection below and click on it. Wait for the download of the file. If the computer is running on Mac OS, the file is stored in the folder Downloads as a.dmg file. Double-click the.exe file if you’re a window user.
  • The screen of the installer opens. Respond properly to the installer’s instructions. Select the setup language, region and select the link type if prompted. Connect the printer and your computer according to the type of attachment selected. Continue with the prompts shown on the installer. Select the software you want to install and click Next.
  • The Add Printer Wizard can also be used. Click the Start menu, then execute. Type Control Printers when the Open box appears and then pick OK. The window of Printers and Faxes opens. Click the Tasks Printer menu and select Add Printer. Select Next and choose Add Printer Wizard. Attached to the desktop, click on the Local Printer.
  • Click Next and pick the port you want to link to the printer to on your desktop. Select the USB port option on Use the following port list if you are connecting the printer and computer using a USB cable. To open the disk dialog box, click the Next option and select Have disk option. Click the option Browse. Open the driver file folder and click Open, then OK on the pop-up dialog box.
  • When the driver is mounted, a self-test page is needed to check if the printer works. Open the control panel and click Device and Printer. Right-click the name of the printer and then pick the option Properties.
  • Click the option Print Test page. If the printer prints the page, the driver is effectively mounted. Contact our technical solution team for further help on how to install Canon printers.
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