How to Clear Stuck Print Jobs on Windows 7 for HP Printer

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Removing Struct print jobs for HP Printer under Windows 7

Windows Services
  • Right-click on it in the popup window and select Stop. Download the print spooler. Exit the window after the spooler is stopped.
Printer Spooler Services
  • Navigate into the C: WindowsSystem32SpoolPRINTERS directory and remove the printer files from the folder. After finishing, restart the computer.
System Folder
  • Meanwhile, ensure at least 1 minute of unplugging of the printer’s power cord then plug it back into the wall socket.
  • Try to take another printout. You’re good to go if you get the printout. However, please proceed to the next level if the HP printer does not print.

Deactivate and reinstall Printer Driver on Windows 7

Note that the following troubleshooting step is only for Windows 7 users for stuck print jobs. The system files associated with the Windows printing software can be reset.

  • Turn off the PC connected USB printer cable.
  • On the search box, click the Start button, look for Devices and Printers and open it.
  • Right click the printer icon and from the pop-up window select Remove Device.
Remove Printer Device
  • Computer reboot. Download from the manufacturer’s website the corresponding HP printer software.
  • Install the printer software that you download as per the website instructions. If the HP printer connects to the computer via a USB cable only connect it when the software is installed.

Please check whether the relevant driver has reinstalled the Windows 7 problem. For further assistance, contact our printer support technicians.

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