HP Wireless Printer Goes Offline – Basic Troubleshooting Steps

HP Printer Not Connecting

HP Wireless Printer Troubleshoot

When an HP printer is connected to a network and the connection drops during printing, the status of this printer will be displayed offline on the PC. However, you can use its wireless functionality to follow basic troubleshoots for HP Printers, which do not interfere with a problem.

Reboot the Wireless Router, Printer, and PC

If you download something on your computer, stop it before going through the following steps:

  • Turn the Wi-Fi router off or press the power button of your power cord.
  • Turn off the printer and unplug your Ethernet or USB cables.
  • Exit and shut down all running PC programs.
  • Turn the router on and wait until its activity light is displayed.
  • Turn on the printer and then turn on the system.

If you still have a wireless network issue, proceed to the next step.

Change the Wireless Network Name

The HP printer that is not connected with the device problem can be resolved by changing the SSID of the Wi-Fi network to connect to the printer. If you have several routers using the same SSID, changing one for identifying routers will fix the problem due to a incorrect wireless connection or connection drops.

Note that you should re-connect compatible device or computer to the right network as your printer was connected to after altering the name of the wireless network.

HP Wireless Printer Troubleshooting

Common Printer Issues

In the router setup page, find the menu allowing users to modify the name of the network.

  • Enter and save changes a new name that’s unique and memorable.
  • Connect the new Wireless Internet network to the HP printer.
  • Choose the Settings > Network Menu or Wireless Menu to choose Wireless Setup Wizard if your HP printers have a text and a LCD control panel. Follow the instructions displayed on its LCD display to connect the printer to the network.
  • If your printer has a basic button control panel, tap the WPS button of the WLAN router when the wireless light blinks onto the printer and expect a new network connection.

If the above steps do not help to restore the connection, contact the professional supporters of the HP printer to make a thorough diagnosis.

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