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123.hp.com/dj5810 Printer is a Photo and Document printer that comes with a see-through Ink Tank System for printing untiringly. Now begin to print more confidently without sacrificing on the quality.


Now your 123.hp.com/dj5810 printer brings the right fonts and unique colors printed on various types of print media using a Print Head System that is built on drop-on-demand Thermal InkJet Technology.


You can now print a large number of documents using the Re-fill able Ink Tank reservoirs and then cut down on the operational cost. Unlimitedly replenish the Ink Tank System until your Print Headworks. 123.hp.com/dj5810


123.hp.com/dj5810 is a versatile device that can function as a Printer, Copier and Scanner machine all from one unique device and thus reduces the office space consumption. You can connect your printer to a computer using the USB data cable and then perform the everyday operations. HP DeskJet 5810 is presented with a pair of Input & Output Tray for handling up to 60 sheets and 25 sheets capacity.

Get the DeskJet Ink Advantage using a Re-fill able Ink Tank Systems along with the InkJet Print Head System to achieve a high yield. Now try to utilize the hp deskjetScanner Glass to copy borderless images and photos effortlessly. HP Scan software is now available for you to optimize the application of DeskJet Scanner. You can begin to print from the brochure, flyer, and Photos, etc., at a high quality.


Windows USB Printer Setup

  • 123-HP-dj5810-setupClick the Start Menu button and then click All Programs to view the list of installed programs
  • Double click the hp.com/dj5810 program to open it
  • Click the utility menu bar and then click Connect a New Printer option
  • Click Next and follow on the screen instructions to specify the desired name for your printer
  • Click Next button and then proceed further with the instructions set until Connection option screen appears
  • Now select the USB Connection option and then click Next button to continue further with the onscreen instructions and to end the USB Printer Setup

How to use USB Connect

  • You can use the DeskJet USB Connect with an edge over Scan a document
  • Open the 123.hp.com/dj5810 series software from the startup screen
  • Now place the original on the scanner glass at the front rightmost corner with the scan side facing down
  • Click the Print, Copy & Scan menu and then click the Scan tab
  • On the Scan dialog try to select either Document or Photo option
  • Now try to select the file format to save a scanned document. You can choose from JPEG, TIFF, PDF, BMP and PNG etc.,
  • For more scan settings then click the More expansion link and then change values
  • Click the Scan button to initiate the scanning process over the USB Connect

123 HP DESKJET 5810 Scan Setup

Place your original at the front rightmost corner above the scanner glass with the scan side of the original facing down. Open HP DeskJet 5810 series software and then click Scan drop-down menu. Move the cursor to select Scan option and then click it. Now try to select either Document or Photo over the scan dialog window. You can also specify the type of file format in which your scanned document needs to be saved. Click the More link on the scan dialog to populate a list of scan settings in a windowpane.

Each of the Scan settings is present on the left pane and then its corresponding properties displayed on the Right pane. Also, click the +sign button on the left pane to create a scan setting individually. After completing the scan settings you can click the create shortcut scan settings icon for a re-use purpose. Click the Scan button to initiate the scanning process.

Copying and Scanning Document Tips

  • Ensure that you keep the scanner glass dust free and also the lid cover clean. This will bring in a great accuracy for the documents that you scan
  • Remember to place the original with the scan side facing down and within the marked engraved lines on the scanner glass. In order to entirely copy the original, always try to put the document at the front rightmost corner on the glass
  • When you need an enlarged copy of your original then first try to scan it to the computer and then edit it using Scan software. This method eliminates the rigorous process of enlarging the original at a real-time and then Scanning it
  • Use scanner software to appropriately set the brightness level and prevent any incorrect or missing text from scanned documents

Performing with HP DESKJET 5810 Printer

  • Your DeskJet 5810 is designed with an Ink Tank Reservoir for printing both on color and monochrome texts. The Print Head has the ability to readily print on different types of paper. Fortunately, you can refill the Ink Tank on an unlimited basis until your print head cartridge gets damaged
  • Now you can print borderless photos, brochures, and flyers at a remarkable quality preserving the original colors for achieving durability
  • You can find the instructions on HP DeskJet 5810 Setup and Install from the URL 123.hp.com/dj5810 or 123.hp.com/setup 5810
  • Your printer may not be a multi-tasking type but they are certainly an All-in-One that can perform from print, copy and scan task independently



  • Your printer might print slow or resist to print whenever the Print Head Systems functions with ink smears or misalignment
  • Open the Input Tray and then load an A4 sheet within the tray
  • Open the HP DeskJet 5810 series software and then click Print & Scan menu
  • Click the Maintain your Printer option to open the printer toolbox
  • Click Device Services tab and then click Clean Ink Cartridges button
  • Follow the screen instructions to begin the print operation and to prevent the ink smears issue
  • If you need a print head alignment then again enable the Device Services tab
  • Click the Align Ink Cartridges button to initiate the print head alignment process
  • You should carefully make an observation while cleaning the print head or aligning it, so that you can load other A4 sheets on to your Input Tray

DJ 5810 Slow on Windows 10

  • Click the Start menu button and then click the All Apps tab. Move the cursor and then select the Windows Systems and then Control Panel tab. Click Hardware and Sound folder to open it.
  • Click the View Devices and Printers option. Click the HP DeskJet 5810 printer to open the print queue
  • Click the Print menu and then click Purge Print Document option. Click Yes button to remove the print queue
  • Now check for a fast print operation on DeskJet. If the issue is unresolved then go ahead and restart your printer and computer
  • Once again try to repeat the above steps to resolve the problem effectively.
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