| Canon Printer Ijsetup | will guide you to the latest updated Canon printer drivers and you can also visit for setup of canon printers. If we speak of printers first name, then we can tell you how to set up and install your canon printer with little knowledge of computers on this website.

Features of

  1. To get the most recent and updated drivers for all models of your Canon printer.
  2. All printers are very quick and reliable.
  3. Canon printer is easily set up by visiting the official website.
  4. If you are facing any problems during the installation, there will always be a Canon Printer Tech support expert.
  5. You can see the driver download link on the box that is to get drivers when you
  6. purchase a printer.
  7. On this website you will find all model drivers for Canon printers.

How to setup Canon USB printer on windows computer?

You need to follow the instructions below to set up the Canon USB printer on your windows computer.

  1. You must first unpack the cartridges and turn on your printer.
  2. Connect one USB cable END and another END to your computer.
  3. Once properly connected, your Canon printer will be installed automatically.
  4. Sometimes canon printer drivers are not automatically installed, so you need to open Canon’s official computer website.
  5. You must enter your printer model once you open http:/ and download the latest printer drivers according to your printer model.

Hope above steps will help you in setup your Canon printer on Windows computer with the help of USB cable, if you still need any help look for Canon printer tech support phone number.

How to install Canon wireless printer on windows computer?

The following steps will help you to setup a Canon wireless printer using the official Canon drivers ‘ website

  • Install and turn cartridges on your printer.
  • Make sure the WPS button is connected to your WIFI router and your computer and printer through the same network.
  • Go to your browser and open on your computer to search the printer model and download Canon’s latest and updated drivers.
  • Double-click and follow the instructions, the printer will be detected automatically and the latest updated drivers installed for the downloaded file.
  • When not installed automatically, you must manually go to the
  • Wireless option on your printer, and within 2 minutes you press the WPS button on your WIFI router and connect to the network.
  • Once your printer has tested it by printing from your computer.

Note: Once a wireless printer is installed, make sure that your printer and computer connected to the same wireless router.

Hope you can all use or, to install Canon wireless and USB printers.

Steps To Install Canon Printer without CD

To install the Canon Printer without a CD, follow the steps below.

canon printer without cd

  1. Unbox and turn your printer on.
  2. Computers today do not have a CD drive, so Canon printer drivers must be downloaded from the website.
  3. Once you open the website, choose your operating system and download the configuration of the Canon printer.
  4. Double click the downloaded file and follow the instructions to download the drivers of your Canon printer.
  5. If you are still confused or in doubt, please post them in the comment section to answer your questions.

If you still have any confusion or doubts, please post your questions in the comment section.

How can I set up a Canon MAC printer?

To install Canon Printer on MAC, visit mac.

how to setup canon printer on MAC

  1. Please insert cartridges and turn your Canon printer on.
  2. Connect the USB cable to your canon printer.
  3. Click on add printer and install canon printer drivers automatically.
  4. You must download printer drivers from mac if it doesn’t work above.
  5. To install Canon Printer, click on the downloaded file.

If you have no USB cable follow the steps below.

  1. Turn on printer.
  2. On the WIFI router, find the WPS button.
  3. Download MAC drivers.
  4. Open and follow steps to the downloaded file.
  5. You will be asked to press WPS on the WIFI button, then press OK on the printer.
  6. It will connect to the network once done.
  7. Now click add printer on your MAC computer and locate the printer to install.
  8. Once everything is finished, print a test to confirm.

To install Canon printer on MAC visit mac or mac

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