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123.hp.com/setup Printer [Updated 2019]

123.hp.com/setup and download the respective drivers of your HP printer (123.hp.com/setup Envy, officejet, officejet Pro, deskjet, Laserjet). Read fast guide to set up and install HP printer on a Wireless or USB network connection step by step with instructions. 123.hp.com/install support quick and immediately. To set up your Printer, you should access and register your device by setting up an account to address issues with your Extender device on this HP printer setup site.

Quick Support For Printers

There are numerous ways to setup your printer either you can visit the123.hp.com/setup website or you may contact our customer support and seek help from our experts regarding the setup of HP printers.

The setup of HP all in one printer is very easy, but some users have trouble configuring the printers. For the configuration steps of the HP all in one printer, you can visit 123.hp.com setup or contact our support team and ask our experts to configure the HP printer. To setup your HP all in one printer you need to visit 123.hp.com/setup and follow the steps given on that site.

Download & Setup Printer

Download your HP Printer driver software by visiting our 123.hp.com/setup website. Download the appropriate Mac software from the site and click on MAC software for installation.

Software for Printer

The drivers can still be installed on the 123.hp.com setup site. After the hardware is configured, the drivers on the printer 123 HP Setup Software can easily be installed. You will find the correct software for your configuration in 123.hp.com/install

Diagnose & Fix

All our employees are encouraged to take over the technological services offered. As a team and cross-checking, our technicians work to ensure good quality results.

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We are one stop shop for all your printer related queries and issues. Our expert technicians are just a phone call away.

Online Printer Technical Support

123.hp.com-setup–We can help you to establish and manage your standards to make your life simple and basic if you have to face a driver software installation and troubleshooting problems. It is important for us to help your HP Printers to solve your problems, resolve problems, and make our clients happy about Hewlett Packard ink cartridge problems when they take off. Our guaranteed experts are competent and understand the problem of the customer and what they need. We offer you 123 hp driver installation services, problem solving and 123 hp wireless installation.

123.hp.com/setup Guide for HP Printer Installation

123.hp.com/setup — Windows 10 is supported on the 123 HP com configuration printer. Search and find your HP Printer’s best software and driver on our site. If you have any problems while running Windows 10 with your 123 HP Setup printer, you can use HP Print and Scan Doctor to analyze and resolve the problem. [ Software & Drivers] 123.hp.com setup

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How to Configure printer with 123.hp.com/setup?

HP Experts on this site will help you monitor your system by recommending the correct software and driver to keep your device up to date. Follow step-by-step instructions provided for additional details on 123.hp.com/setup.

First time printer setup/installation by 123.hp.com

Step 1: 123 HP Unboxing Printer Setup

  • Take from the shipment box the 123 HP Setup Printer and place it on a flat rigid surface. Remove from it the packaging materials.
  • Included in the package are the user handbook, power cord, USB cable and CD-installation driver and Ink cartridges.
  • Remove from the device all tapes and packing materials. The device is packaged closely to prevent the printer’s parts from moving during shipment.
  • Keep the shipping box and other recycled packing materials aside.

Step 2: 123.hp.com setup Printer Power Cord Connect

  • Connect to the back of the hp printer on the small end of the power cord and to the other end of the wall electrical outlet.
  • Make sure you directly connect the power cable to the wall socket without a voltage stabilizer or extension cord.
  • The device automatically switches on. Enter the necessary information from the control panel on your printer, such as language or interface, location, date and time zone.

Step 3: How to load HP printer paper

  • Pull the input and output tray 123 hp com setup printer. Remove any tapes or materials for packaging thereon.
  • Open the entry tray and unlock the tapes on paper width and longitudinal markers.
  • Extend the sheet of paper to the maximum capacity. Take the new plain white paper bundle and load it into the input tray.
  • Drag the markers so that the sheets are tight, but not too close. Once you’re done, close the paper tray.

Step 4: How to install HP printer ink cartridge

  • The printers 123.hp.com/Envy run with dual ink cartridges. A three-color black cartridge made of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.
  • The compliments contained in the packages include the user manual, power cable, USB cable, CD driver and Ink cartridges.
  • Unplug the protective tape under the ink cartridge, which safeguards the contact points and the print-head. Place the tin cartridges in their respective slots and lock it in the cartridge latch position.

Step 5: Align the 123 hp com Printer tin cartridges

  • To avoid printing wrong documents, align ink cartridges.
  • Alignment on the scanner is done. Take the protective plate on the glass of the scanner.
  • Clean the glass and maintain the front facing alignment plate.
  • Ensure that the document is placed on the faces of the scanner glass according to the alignment markings.
  • Choose OK and wait until the printer is in alignment.

Step 6: Install the driver software 123 HP Printer

  • In your 123-hp printer, the driver plays a crucial role. The driver’s primary purpose is to communicate between the printer and the computer.
  • The driver can be downloaded from the link on the website. A new window opens by clicking on the link. Enter the printer model and select your computer’s operating system.
  • Once the printer software is downloaded, install it by following the on-screen instructions. During the installation procedure, select network connectivity mode.

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