123.hp.com/ENVY4500 Printer Setup


123.hp.com/envy4500 Printer Setup


It is possible to connect Hp Envy 4500 printer through USB connection. You are provided with the USB port to easily connect your personal Devices.123.hp.com/setup 4500


To improve the performance of the 123.hp.com/envy4500 printing machine, it is provided with the wireless connectivity option that you can access the printer from anywhere.


Accessing printer from a local device could be possible only when you install your software to your personal device and then connect your printer.123.hp.com/setup 4500

123 hp envy 4500 Printer Accessories

The 123 Hp Envy 4500 printer model consists of

  • Lid
  • Lid backing
  • Scanner Glass
  • Cartridge access area
  • Printer Display
  • Control Panel
  • Printer Display
  • Paper Tray
  • Paper Tray Extender
  • Paper Width Guides
  • Power Connection
  • USB Port

123.hp.com/setup 4500 Printer Features

HP ePrint is a free service from Envy 4500, 4501, 4502, 4503, 4504, 4505, 4506, 4507, 4508 and 4509 Series Printer Setup that allows you to print your HP ePrint enabled 123.hp.com/envy4500 printer anytime from anywhere. It’s so simple as sending an email to the email address assigned to your printer. When you enable web services on your printer then you can proceed with printing.
Once you sign in the account through 123 HP Setup 4500 Connected, you can sign in to the ePrint job status and manage the ePrint Printer queue. Download the driver and manuals from the website link 123.hp.com/setup 4500.



Hit the Wireless Button on the wireless status or the menu option. If your 123.hp.com/envy4500 printer has an active wireless connection on a wireless network the wireless led blinks as solid blue. In case if your wireless light is OFF the display screen shows the wireless OFF. If wireless is enabled and you do not own a wireless connection, the wireless light will be blinking. The display screen is either processing the connection or it is not connected.


Auto OFF is automatically enabled by default when you turn on Hp Envy 4500 printer. When Auto-OFF is enabled your printer turns OFF after 2 hours of inactivity. Auto-OFF turns Envy4500 printer OFF completely. Printer models with wireless or ethernet network capability. Auto-Off is automatically disabled only when the printer establishes a wireless or ethernet network connection.


  • ON your Home screen on Envy 4500 printer display select your preferences.
  • On your preferences menu, select Auto-Off option.
  • From the Auto-Off menu select ON or OFF and select the OK option on your setting.




  • 123-hp-envy-4500-setupAn Internet and email enabled computer or mobile device.
  • An HP ePrint enabled printer on which the active internet connection is also enabled.

Print Using the HP ePrint Option:

Enable web services.

  • On your 123.hp.com/envy4500 printer control panel, select the ePrint button.
  • Print ePrint information page and follow the on-screen instructions to know whether the HP ePrint option is established.
  • Create a new mail and attach the file to your print job.
  • Enter your printer’s mail address on the “To” bar and select the send option.


  • Hit the ePrint button on the control panel.
  • Find the web services settings on the printer display.
  • Select the display email address on your printer display to know your printer’s mail address.

Turning OFF ePrint Service

  • Select the ePrint button on your control panel and check for the web services settings on the printer display.
  • Select the ePrint option on your Hp Envy 4500 printer display and select the OK button.


Improving The Quality Of Print:

  • Make sure of using HP Envy4500 ink cartridges.
  • Check the HP Envy 4500 software to make sure you have selected the appropriate media.
  • Check the level of ink to know if the cartridges are low on ink.
  • Align the cartridges.

Hp Envy 4500 Ink Cartridges Alignment

  • Load some fresh new plain white sheets to the paper tray.
  • Based on your operating system select your printer series.
  • On your printer software, hit the Print & Scan option and select the maintain your printer to access the printer toolbox.
  • The printer toolbox pops up.
  • Click align ink cartridges on your device services tab and print the alignment sheet.

123.hp.com/envy4500 – CLEARING PAPER JAM

Clearing Paper Jam From The Path

  • Open the cartridge access door.
  • Remove the clean out.
  • Remove the paper jam if any on the rear roller.
  • Replace the clean out.
  • Close the cartridge access door.
  • Press the OK button on your 123 hp com setup 4500 printer display to continue the job.

To Clear A Paper Jam On The Duplexer:

  • Open the access door.
  • Remove the clean out.
  • Press the hole of the duplexer path cover to lift it.
  • Now remove the jammed paper.
  • Fix the clean out back and close the cartridge access door.
  • Finally hit the OK button to continue the job.

How to Prevent a Paper Jam

  • Make sure you fill the paper tray up to its estimated level.
  • Remove the printer sheets from the outlet tray often.
  • Ensure that the loaded paper in the paper tray flat.
  • Do not mix the different paper type and place them on the tray.
  • Adjust the paper width guides close to the paper.



Resolving 123 HP Envy 4500 Printing Issues:

  • Check the error messages on HP Envy 4500 printer display and resolve using the on-screen instructions.
  • On your computer connected to the printer through a USB cable, disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.
  • Ensure that the printer is not paused or Offline.

To Verify The Printer Is Not Paused Or Offline:

The operations differ based on the operating system,

  • Windows 8: Select and click the right corner on your charms bar and click the settings ico.

Click the control panel and select the view devices and printers option.

  • Windows 7: On your Windows Start Manu click the devices and printers option.
  • Windows Vista: On the Windows Start menu click the control panel and click the printers option
  • Windows XP: ON your Windows start menu select the control panel option and click the printers and faxes.
  • Either double click the icon on your printer or right click the icon on 123.hp.com/envy4500 printer and select the See what’s printing on the print queue.
  • On your 123 hp com envy4500 printer menu, make sure there is no check marks on the pause printing or use printer offline option.
  • In case if you make changes try to print.


  • Based on the operating system process one of the following,
  • Windows 8: point to the upper right corner of the open charms bar and select the settings icon, click the control panel and click the view devices and printers option.
  • Windows 7: On your windows start menu, click devices and printers.
  • Windows vista: On the windows start menu click the control panel and then click printers option.
  • Windows XP: On your windows start menu click the control panel and click the printers and faxes.
  • Double click the icon on your printer open the print queue.
  • On your printer menu select the cancel all documents and then select the YES option.
  • In case if you find documents on the queue, restart the computer and try to print once you restart your device.
  • Check the print queue again to make it clear and try to print.

Check Your Printer Power Connection And Rest Your Printer:

  • Check whether the power cord is fixed firmly to your Hp Envy 4500 printer.
  • Make sure that the printer’s green light blinks on receiving electrical power.
  • Press the ON button on your printer to turn ON your printer.
  • With the printer turned ON, disconnect the power cord from the rear of your 123 hp com envy4500 printer on the cartridge access area.
  • Unplug the power cord from the power source.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Plug the power cord back to the power source.
  • Reconnect your power cord to the rear side of the Envy 4500 printer.
  • In case if your printer does not turn ON automatically, manually turn ON your printer.
  • Try using your printer again.
  • Hp envy 4500 driver Software download and manuals from the website link 123.hp.com/envy4500 or 123.hp.com/setup 4500.

123 HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridges

123 HP Envy 4500 Printer Setup is known for its ink cartridges. You can perform with your Hp Envy 4500 printer setup only when your cartridges are installed. Installing HP’s instant ink cartridge is highly recommended. The purpose behind installing a HP instant ink cartridge is that you can save on ink and print your documents at very low cost.

Replacing 123 HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridges:
    • Check that power is ON.
    • Load required paper.
    • Remove cartridge,
      • Open the cartridge access door.
      • Lift up the cartridge holder and remove it from the space.
    • Insert new cartridge,
      • Remove cartridge from its packing.
      • Remove plastic tape.
      • Place new cartridge in slot and push the cartridge until it snaps the edge.
      • Close the cartridge access door.
      • Align the cartridges.

Working With 123 HP Envy 4500 Ink Cartridges

  • Make use of the following tips to work with the cartridges.
  • Prevent your cartridges from getting dried off.
  • Make sure you do not open or remove the cartridges until your ready to install the cartridges.
  • Install the cartridges in the correct slot meant for it.
  • Align the printer for best print output.
  • Once you receive the estimate information on the display screen and you find it low you need to install a new cartridge.
  • On removing the cartridge from the printer under no reason try to replace as soon as possible.
  • Download the Hp Envy 4500 Printer driver and manuals from the website link 123.hp.com/envy4500 or 123.hp.com/setup 4500.
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